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  1. BeachHouse1

    Multiple Floor Wall Details

    Thanks Michael,
  2. BeachHouse1

    Multiple Floor Wall Details

    This is not what I was referring to, but yes that would be nice. Thank you.
  3. BeachHouse1

    Multiple Floor Wall Details

  4. BeachHouse1

    Multiple Floor Wall Details

    Sorry for not thoroughly searching for the answer to this. Any help would be appreciated. Is there a way to show wall framing details for multiple floors?
  5. BeachHouse1

    Control Wall Corner Display of Material

    That was easy, thank you so much
  6. BeachHouse1

    TV for conference room monitor?

    Same here, I have (2) 43 inch, set to 2K (2560 X 1440) I love this arrangement. the TVs are hanging on wall mounts in my office. Ones an LG the other is an Hisence. When it's time to take a break and watch Netflix I use the LG but the Hisence does a better job of being a screen. The 2K makes it possible to get a good resolution screen shot for quick prints to send to folks.
  7. BeachHouse1

    TV for conference room monitor?

    Me too. I'll never go back to the old ways.
  8. Hey Guys, Any tips on controlling the display in walls with different materials? In this photo the Brick overlaps the Stone. I need the Stone to Overlap the Brick. Thanks All,
  9. BeachHouse1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    I understand, It's just something I have paid a high price for in the past. I worked as an employee to a custom builder once, some of my most important work is owned by them. I will never give out my 3D designs to anyone again. Just a thought.
  10. BeachHouse1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    I left out the legal part because I didn't want to give legal advice. I completely agree with you on this.
  11. BeachHouse1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    It sounds like everyone pretty much agrees. I will go so far as to say that it is a bad idea to even give them the plan file. export it as DXF. Home owners won't care and builders are often notorious for building multiple copies of the house. One time licence only, and stay in control of your property. It is after all, your intellectual property.
  12. BeachHouse1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    Maybe, except donate can have a charitable or spiritual connotation. Devote, in this case, means you get no spiritual benefit, only abject misery. LOL Run away!
  13. BeachHouse1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    Years ago (decades?) I learned a great lesson, well, several actually. But this one applies to many situations. Never, under any circumstances, devote your time and effort so a customer can save money. You can end up spending many times that amount, give up opportunities to work for real customers, and end up losing that one for all your efforts. It's a lose, lose ,lose effort. And, mostly all by you. Here's an example: In another life time, in the days before cell phones, I build voice mail systems for business phones. We had a customer that wanted us to install it in one of their existing desktop PCs. After many hours of failing to get their name brand PC to work, and after a meeting with their PC tech at their office, a week went by. At the end of that week of total wasted time for me, I ended up supply the PC at my cost. This is only one example of many. It's never a good idea to go down this road, it leads to losses, frustration, and resentment.
  14. BeachHouse1

    Changing Existing Defaults After Creating Rooms

    I'm sorry I haven't answered yet. I've been a little frustrated at the level of complexity of building Piling Home Foundations in Chief. There are several different approaches explained in videos and articles. None of which seem to create conditions that accurately represent the methods used in constructing homes on pilings. When I sort this all out, I would like to explore this topic some more.
  15. I've changed the Floor Default to be supplied by the Foundation Room below. After drawing the entire floor plan, I decided to change it. In the individual rooms it's disabled. Any Ideas? Thanks,