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  1. Is there any way to stop the display Icon in X15 main Menu from being based on the last used command?
  2. There is a Field (Column) available to the Schedules that report the "Type" and the "Sub Type" of Objects in the Plan file. The Data these Fields contain is inconsistent across different Object Types In this example, out of 221 Unique objects, 79 of them have a default "Type" field with data created by Chief. 142 of them do not have data in the "Type" Column. Admittedly, some of the null records have more than one Type of object. Obvious omissions are: Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures, and Lighting. There are some more. The questions are 1. Why is this a partial list? 2. Is there a way to open up the data in a Global way so hundreds could be updated simultaneously? These Object "Types" should be modeled after the Tree Structure in the Library. Obviously Chief knows what type of objects these are. In this Schedule the Field "Object Type" is Custom and Populated Manually.
  3. Is there any official solution to the incompatibility problems with Win 11 and RTX cards?
  4. The spread sheet method it easiest. I have been building commercial databases since the 90s. Let me know if you wan't to collaborate on this.
  5. You guys have any wind up there? Square washer have more surface area. We build to 150 mph wind loads, every little bit helps. Truthfully though, we don't use collar all that much. We use perlins more and heavier ridge beams. Still, we have negative loads here, that's is different than a snow loads. And then we have the most corrosive environment in the US. so metal straps have to be stainless, or else they disappear in a few years.
  6. Has anyone heard of any plans to make an Android reader for chief Plans. I'm not asking about the one for viewing renderings and such. I mean one that reads files so when we are out in the field we can pull up a set of plans on a tablet?
  7. Not if you thru bolt them, with large square washers.
  8. It has the same information as the Roof Framing Dialog. They both say 16" O.C.
  9. Hello Y'all The Rafter Spacing on the "Build Framing" Popup Form indicates 16" On Center. When the Build Roof Framing is initiated it creates Rafters 24" O.C. Anyone seen this or have a remedy? Thanks All
  10. Hello All, Unless I missed something (probably) I think these two callouts have the same settings. How do you get the arrow to be filled/+
  11. We did the same exact thing. They looked great. Untill now I though I was the only one to ever do that.
  12. Where do you find this? Found it. You would expect it to be on the Casing Tab, But it's in the General Tab.