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  1. We did the same exact thing. They looked great. Untill now I though I was the only one to ever do that.
  2. Where do you find this? Found it. You would expect it to be on the Casing Tab, But it's in the General Tab.
  3. Is it possible to offset all sides of a polyline. For example: a box that measures 36" X 36", and without moving the center make it measure 38" X 38"? Each side of the box would be 1" from the original?
  4. Those are completely different commands. I always want to have object snap turned on, and separate from that sometimes to connect and sometime not. Dermot has a good solution. For construction lines, never. When making polylines, yes.
  5. Is it possible to create this Square Footage Summery and have it update automatically? Links to videos or how to would be really great. Thanks Guys,
  6. Is there s viewer available for plans that has markup capabilities?
  7. Thanks, I had actually been thinking about experimenting with the second option. Although the first option sounds good because you have to do something similar when displaying exterior stairs in multi floor designs. Gonna give it a try. I/m making a series of videos on Beach Houses. I'm going to include your solution in the stair portion. I'll give you a credit and send you a link. Thanks again.
  8. This actual photo shows a basic exterior stairway configuration. If Open Riser is selected there is no underside skin on the stairs. If Open Riser is not selected an underside skin is displayed. I tried a work around of making the skin material glass. From the back side of the stairs no riser is displayed, from the front the riser is displayed. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Can anyone point me to a link that enplanes how to do a rood takeoff schedule please? Thanks,
  10. Thanks Shane, That's not really what I'm looking for. This program was really not designed to do complex decks, with opening for stairs and rail post of different widths and heights. And for moving the outer rim boards and planking. But I'm getting closer to having some hard won work arounds.
  11. Is there any way to disable wall connections other than room dividers or reversing layers. Neither are working. I have more details if there are not other settings that will work. Thanks guys, I'm three days into this problem with no solution in sight.
  12. Thanks Eric, That opens up a whole new dimension.
  13. Found the answer.
  14. This sounds good. I can't find the method for changing an Object's Layer (specifically Stairs in this case) unless it is in the Properties Popup.