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  1. BeachHouse1

    Lintel Returns

    Can someone point me to a place where they show how to build a return on the lintel molding. It would be nice if I could add it to a window and have the polyline auto-adjust to stay in the right place, even if the door or window get wider. Thanks,
  2. BeachHouse1

    Camera Focal Length?

    Thank you Scott you are always very helpful.
  3. BeachHouse1

    Camera Focal Length?

    Is there a way to precisely set the focal length for cameras? Thanks?
  4. BeachHouse1

    CAD Tools Importing and Using PolyLines

    I figured it out.
  5. Hey Guys, How do I import DWG of DXF files to use as Polyline? Not Chief objects like Walls or Windows. Just your basic polylines. Thanks,
  6. BeachHouse1

    Display Object Properties Information

    Thanks Guys, Yes it is an Autodesk thing. It serves a real multi-function purpose. Not a great thing to lose, Thanks Kbird1, Cntl-E it is.
  7. Good Morning All, I can't seem to find a way to display the properties of a selected object without opening that object. Am I missing something? Thanks,
  8. BeachHouse1

    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    I found this by Googling "Build Roof on Polyline Chief Architect"
  9. BeachHouse1

    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    Thanks Guys. Joey, I agree, but in this case I am drawing a sample house that has all of all the normal things we see here on the Island. The house is almost finished and I needed to get the bay done. The one I posted was made in AA using polylines. Last night I Googled "Building Roofs from polylines in Chief Architect" . Glenn, I will try that this morning.
  10. BeachHouse1

    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    Pretty much the Roof over the Bay Window is what I need to learn how to do. The side view of the Bay Window is on the left side of the Front Elevation. Thanks y'all.
  11. BeachHouse1

    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    Hey Guys Sorry for what seems an easy question. Does some have a link to how to create a Gable over a bay window. The bay is located under an eave and I'm hoping to make it intersect the main roof plain at the corners. I can provide a sketch if that will make it easier.
  12. BeachHouse1

    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    Thank you Ms. Shelbrack. I agree 100% with your statements. In the week and a half that I have been trying it out, I find it to be better in every aspect. I haven't tried a set of stairs yet. I have built some pilings for a foundation and a video on using a louvered door as a wall panel for the ground floor exterior breakaway walls for beach houses. Yes out with the old. The life changing is only using Autodesk products exclusively since the mid 80s, for a 60 year old, that's a pretty big step.
  13. BeachHouse1

    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    I'm leaving AutoCAD Architecture 2014 with VisionRez extensions. It had some pretty good productivity tools, and some pretty poor ones. But Autodesk decided to void all their old perpetual licenses, by not making them compatible with Win 10. Not to mention the duel licencing is void because VisionRez no longer provides any support for their AutoCAD Architecture versions. They are only available with Revit monthly subscriptions. I guess good for Chief Architect. If you did migrate from VisionRez, would you relate to us how that went please?
  14. BeachHouse1

    Minimum Steps for Layouts

    Thanks Guys for the heads up, It seems like you could just always go back to the same Save-as, and not make changes to it unless they were beneficial in a global sort of way. Does that sound right? What I want to avoid is having to send every aspect of a model out to the plans. I would expect to be required to resize the portals, but I would want to have a set of drawing immediately upon completing the model. Am i understanding that as the "Save As' process, compared to the template? I apologize for not being able to do my own experimenting but I can't save. This issue is my last impediment to purchasing and it's a rather large Issue. I have been evolving my sheets templates for 20 years now. They are to the point that if I build a model in the same location, as the last one, all the sheets are 98% finished. Is that possible?
  15. BeachHouse1

    Minimum Steps for Layouts

    Thank you, Sir