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  1. Sorry If I was misleading in my first post. It is the lookout to the fly rafter not blocking.You are correct in that the blocking would have a gap for each rafter. You could use a single block for each run but you would still have to raisei it up the thickness of the material used for the purlin and extend it to the length of the roof. Ken
  2. Scott, Not using roof blocking. Using the Lookout to the fly rafters and raising them up 1 1/2". Only drawback is they have to be done individually and it is a slow process ,but I have done a couple metal buildings and garages in this way Waitin for the snow to melt,Ken
  3. As I related in my first post. Have a great week,Ken
  4. Good info Joe. Thanks,Ken
  5. Glad to see this thread.I was thinking about a pad and stylus but after reading these comments on the subject I think I will put it off awhile. Rod we must have started about the same time.I started with 3-d home architect and moved up to chief ver.4. A great week to all,Ken
  6. In our area these are refered to as purlins and are used to attach metal roofing. What I do is ajust the roof blocking used to tie the fly rafter to the trusses to the space I want the purlin and raise it in the dbx to ajust it to sit on the rafter then drag it the length of the building. I would think a similar method could be used to get the desired nailers under the truss system. Hope this is of some help. Have a great week,Ken
  7. Lisa, Not in a chief library,Don't know aboyt any oyhers, Have a great weekend,Ken
  8. Thank you again for your work. Have a great week,Ken