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  1. I have a concrete floor with rigid insulation below. It has disappeared in camera view and elevation view. I can't find a specific layer that was/is turned off or what I did to make it disappear. Thoughts on how to get my floor back? Thanks,
  2. I'M going to watch that video! Thank you!
  3. i have an existing building. I have to make a demo plan and demo plans have dashed lines for items to be removed.. I need to show/represent that the lighter toned items stay and when you have all lighter toned items and this bright/dark lined sink shows up, defeats the purpose. I work with remodels a lot. Its not a NEW project all the time. We aren't that lucky in this area to be able to only build new. as you can see in the attachment, a 'solid' sink defeats the purpose of it being on a demo layer...makes it look like it stays and the rest goes.
  4. How do i change the layer of the sink in the cabinets to match the layer of the cabinet/countertop?
  5. SORRY, I scanned the image in and didn't realize it was a .pdf and was going to show like that. yes, that is what i'm trying to do. how did you do that?
  6. How do i make windows look like the first picture (.pdf)? Where it has frosted glass through the middle of it? (in real life the frosted glass is the sticky 'contact paper'). Second picture is my rendering. (screenshot) Thanks. 20220308145729.pdf
  7. thanks. that's going to take some practice to make it look/scale right. :-)
  8. How do i make multi-colored vertical siding like this picture? and be able to change the colors of the siding per project? Thanks, Jennifer
  9. what's the siding? looks like an EIFS or stucco? Could you add in some curved or straight elements above the windows? a thicker element at top and maybe a sill at the bottom? something like this: flower boxes? coins or corner boards at the corners?
  10. What if you just changed the color of the house or a different style of railing? or different kind of trim around the windows/doors?
  11. When having different wall types or an attic wall - how do you get the horizontal lines to disappear in the elevations? Sometimes it shows up in the layout but not the drawing view. Examples 3 & 4. i know the upper line is showing up because I had to stack to interior elevations on top of each other because the room above it is 'open to below' thanks-
  12. A cross section is different than a room elevation. I don't need all the framing to show up for room elevations. With the cross section cropped, i can't make notes and measurements off to the side. This has been an issue for me for a long time.
  13. other than making two interior room elevations and stacking them on top of each other in the layout or tyring to modify a section, how do I get a room elevation to show both levels - full height - of the room when one room is "open to below" above the room. I did check "ignore railings and invisible walls" but it didn't show throw the ceiling and show the room above. I have large windows that go between the floors and it is not showing what I want unless i do a cross section. Thanks!