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  1. DenisonDrywall

    room elevations

    haha! yep! thats' what it was. Its in a remodel so i had a room divider there but it was turned off. Thanks!!
  2. DenisonDrywall

    room elevations

    I made interior room elevations using the room elevation tool. However, only part of my wall is showing. If i make a room elevation from the other side, it shows up. Why is it now showing up here? thanks- Jennifer Premier X11
  3. DenisonDrywall

    Import library content

    I am in the process of switching over to a new computer. I exported my library catalog. and now when I import them into the library on the new computer, they automatically go into the "User Catalog". Is there a way to move them to a different folder in the library? For example, I want to put them in the "Bonus Catalog" folder. There is a cut option but not a paste option when i right click. Thanks-
  4. DenisonDrywall

    Exterior Window Trim

    yes that worked. thank you. i did have to click to not have an apron.
  5. DenisonDrywall

    Exterior Window Trim

    yes, the picture is EIFS w/ no window trim. I am doing siding w/ window trim and was hoping to not have to "make it" myself but i guess that is what i need to do. Thanks,
  6. DenisonDrywall

    Exterior Window Trim

    How do i get exterior window trim to be on 3 sides of the window (sides and top not bottom)? so the stone can be right along the bottom of the window like in this image. thanks,
  7. DenisonDrywall

    LAYOUT view showing wall behind wall covering

    219-0093 Heartland Express - Columbus, OH - Truck Center Layout.layout 219-0093_Heartland_Express_-_Columbus,_OH_-_Truck_Center_Lounge_-_office_NEW2.plan
  8. I've been sending my room elevations to my layout page. The cmu walls/rooms have a wall covering on them of ceramic tile. they all have been showing up fine on the layout and now with the last one i sent, the cmu lines show up behind the wall covering/ct lines. i can't find a layer that is turned on that shouldn't be. unless i'm missing something. i closed and restarted the program and files. what is going wrong? what am i doing wrong? thanks, Jennifer Chief X11
  9. my program usually automatically asks me to upgrade and it hasn't yet. Just found out a little bit ago that it came out.
  10. I did adjust that but since its the same material, it would adjust the whole thing making it correct in one location but not the i'm guessing I need to call the top color a different name than the lower?
  11. I adjusted the material definition of the wall tile and it shows correctly for the most part in the 2D view but the tiles don't change size in the 3D view. What can i do to get it to show the same in both views? How do i get the tile above the accent tile to start with a hole piece of 12x24? tiles are to be 12x24 and 6x24. Its a Daltile tile but its not in the library. thanks, Jennifer Palmer Denison Drywall Chief X10
  12. DenisonDrywall

    Slabs disappear in terrain

  13. DenisonDrywall

    Slabs disappear in terrain

    When i draw in my terrain, the slabs hide in the terrain. i have the slabs set for top of slab at 0" with reference to the finished floor. I then have the terrain set to 1" below sub floor. They appear to move together when i change the terrain reference point. thanks, Jennifer
  14. I want to create a 6' door in a 7' door frame and the bottom door will be 6" from the floor and 6" from the top of the frame. It will be for a bathroom stall using real doors and walls instead of partitions. How do i go about making this? it will look something like this:
  15. DenisonDrywall

    Crown Molding In Rooms

    Awesome! it worked! Thanks!