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  1. Hi, I am trying to build a main entry gate to the house as attached. I tried using doors and made the width 4'. However Chief automatically made it into two smaller 30" doors rather than a single 4' door. Is there a way to extend doors beyond 36"? Regards, Tim
  2. Hi Eric, I just did that. I was thinking that changing line type for layer would change the line type for that layer in every layer set. But that is not true. Looks like we can have different line type for same layer in different layer set.
  3. I want to be able to see the reference display layer set as dashed rather than solid lines. See red lines attached. (They mirror the floor above or below) How can I do this without having to change the actual line type for every layer?
  4. Hi, How can I remove the white background of the dimension line text? see attached
  5. Yes, thanks a lot that fixed the issue I had.
  6. Hi, I am not able to see the terrain in 3d and in cross sections. Please see attached file...
  7. Thanks Eric, Enabling the room layer fixed this issue..
  8. Hi, Please see the room fill is not showing in plan view. If I paste the room inside another plan it starts working. So looks like somewhere in plan defaults it is disabled? Rgds
  9. Hi Eric, I updated my signature. Yes, I am trying to match a curved roof.
  10. Attached please find the wall and roof Pasted2.plan
  11. Hi, For some reason the match roof feature in window options is not working please see the attached plan and image. Please let me know. Regards, Tim
  12. Indeed I was in standard view instead of vector view. Once I switch to vector viewI can send to layout or do cad detail from view
  13. Also the CAD detail from view is greyed out. I tried another plan file and everything seems to be working fine so it has to be some setting that is not being set correctly ....
  14. Hi all, I am unable to send the elevation to layout for soem reason only the image option is selected and the layer set option is greyed out