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  1. Are there other sites like this?
  2. Try this: https://up.codes/codes/general I use it all the time. Cost about $30/month, but a quick and valuable source of info. Will compare codes. I really like the accessibility section. It stays up to date on changes.
  3. Anyone ever use this website to find codes? It has graphics to show how the code requires the work to be acceptable. Also codes for every state.
  4. The defaults are as accurate as you want them to be. Not sure what you want to see. You must know the local building codes in order to set things up in your default. For example here in Florida we must put two king studs each side of window and doors. The program comes with one king stud each side. Residential footers should have two #5 rebars cont. , make sure that is set up. So as you can see it can be done but you need to know what the standards are locally. Some of the details will have to be drawn manually as the program has it's limits.
  5. The mouse is a "logitech) I'm not sure of the model but it works fine in all applications of the program. It's just when I try to draw a box or polyline in an elevation. No render view, just a 2d section elevation. When I try to place a polyline solid in elevation it does the same thing. I have had to resort to using x12 to draw (boxes/polylines) in elevation, which works fine. I tried to draw with nothing in elevation (just blank) and it still does it. What I do is timber framing and have found it best to put my brackets in when in elevation/section. Same with girts, collar ties, etc.
  6. When I am in an elevation and try to draw a box or polyline the cursor stops or is very jerky. I can not control the movement of it. Never had this problem with x12. I am using x13. Is this a bug? Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Here is the plan file. The cross section will show normal but the perspective is off. Never had this problem before. I am using X13. It started as a simple plan (which it is) . After making the rooms the height I want I made the roof plane and the ceiling plane. Then just put on a scissor truss and this is what I get each time. No problem in cross section. Correct Wachs Plan.plan
  8. Take a look at this. Some of the walls do not touch the floor in framing perspective but in the cross section it looks normal. What would be the problem?
  9. Thanks, but I was thinking of others in the country that might want to have details of installation that the manufacturer approves. This gives both the designer and the builder recourse if the install fails and the manufacturer's detail was not followed. After all you put his on your plans, if the question came up. Also a case in point: a house on the beach needed +55/-55 rating. All the details from the manufacturer's show a metal clip sticking out of the bottom of the frame and into the sill (inside). The homeowner needs to know this and plan on installing new sills (remodel). Look at the sliding glass doors and notice the bottom track that is almost 3" high on some. Most home owners would not stand for this, so plans to address this in design or find one that does not have the high track. These are just a few of the things that this link is good for. Of course you are in Florida as I am so we have no choice.
  10. Here in Florida we must use only products that are approved per the exposure class and wind load (+/-). Your state may not but the site has very interesting details that you might want to download for proper installation. This is good if you include details. These details come from the manufacturer. You will not find these details on their web site. http://www.floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_app_srch.aspx
  11. Take a look at this. When I do an elevation view with the color on the hardware shows up, but when I select color off some of the hardware does not. Reason?
  12. So look at the screen shot. Running bond on top but stacked bond on bottom. When I select stacked bond why does the running bond appear? I have a lot of editing to get it to line up. Why?
  13. Anyone notice the pattern of stacked bond is the same as running bond in vector view? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  14. The manufacturers library has everything listed alphabetic order. I would like to organize per subject. Any way to do this under the existing manufacturers catalog that the program comes with? Under Users catalog I see "new folder" but not in the other.