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  1. RGWhite

    CMU construction

    Whats the best way to have the block wall build the sill plate (auto). I have a single story house and have had to manually put the sill on the wall. Then adjust the roof framing birds mouth. I am using X9. Thanks for any response.
  2. RGWhite

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    Not sure how the laws in your state addresses the design/construction process and liability. I am in Florida and as long as you follow all codes you should nor have a lot to worry about. BUT if you do not know the codes then watch out. See statue 553.84 "contractor knew or should have known". Plus the statue of repose is 10 years on defects. After 200+ trials on defects I have been schooled. Not law suits against me, I worked with law firms as an expert as a side gig. You wouldn't believe the cases I have seen and the problems, yikes. (The best one was the home owner suing the contractor who sued the architect. The contractor was the son of the architect. It was better than a soap opera!)
  3. RGWhite

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    When a home owner starts telling you how to build that is a red flag to get out of there!
  4. RGWhite

    Architectural Degree Required?

    Design all you want but when it comes to "loads" on members (floor, roof, wall etc.) hire a structural engineer. Also learn the building code and any zoning codes in your area. Then hang your sign out there.
  5. RGWhite

    Client needs a bid for new build after fire

    Not sure about the laws in Tennessee but in Florida if you are only providing "labor" then you have lien rights that that would include work over and above the initial contract if you can document it. A labor Lien proceeds any other lien including a mortgage. When you file with the clerk of the court this lets the bank know you are working on the job and they will demand a release of lien from you for payment. Keeps everything on the level.
  6. RGWhite

    Client needs a bid for new build after fire

    File "notice to owner" with the clerk of the court when you and client sign a contract. This will help you preserve your lien rights if the client does not pay.
  7. RGWhite

    Boathouse Possibility

    I also build boathouses. What I have done is to make the walls invisible and then build the roof. After that I make pilings out of solids and make them as long as required per job. I then space them accordingly, one at a time. I also make my own headers for the roof. There is no auto build that I have found that would work, as the construction of each is unique. You can work with the floor for the deck structure.
  8. RGWhite

    Temporary Dimension Reach

    Have you tried "Defaults".........Dimensions............Setup? There is a reach DBX to adjust there
  9. RGWhite

    Sq. Ft.

    Look at the difference between living area (outside at perimeter) and the room area polyline (inside of room)
  10. How close is this wall from the property line? or other buildings? Where I work they not only look at the wall rating but the soffit and fascia rating.
  11. RGWhite

    Exposed Exterior I-Beam

    Generally the I beam would be drilled with holes to accept the wood so as to bolt the two. Number and size of holes to be determined by the uplift. Are you trying to design a moment frame? As far as flashing, it appears from the picture you posted that it (framing) is tight under the roof overhang.
  12. RGWhite


    Thanks for the response. So this will run the calculations for both the house and the addition. How would I separate the two?
  13. RGWhite


    Working with Rescheck and was wondering how you handle additions. The addition will have it's own mini split system so therefore will not be mechanically tied to the house. I did an as built and labeled the existing rooms "unconditioned" thinking it would not figured in the energy calc. I did not put insulation in the existing walls. The addition had all the insulation. When I exported the plan to Rescheck it had all the walls and I could tell which ones were the addition by the insulation. It was more work deleting the existing. Is there a better way to export an addition so that only the windows, walls of the addition show on the recheck.
  14. RGWhite

    Pre Engineered Metal Building

    Your problem is not much different than mine. I did a lot of timber framing. I created my on bents, connecting girts, purlins, etc. I also made all the individual parts. Very time consuming but when done I could breeze through it.
  15. RGWhite

    Gas piping isometrics

    I just use cad lines at 30/60 deg. It was a pain to make schematic fittings the first time but I put them in the library and now just paste them in place.