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  1. sounds like the gable wall is still there - delete gable wall then ballon frame
  2. set your overhang for both roofs then look at fascia height for the roof at the right height - open the roof dialog for low pitch roof lock the pitch and then change the fascia to what the other is
  3. the problem on my computer boiled down to a bad memory stick - is running fine now
  4. I have a 1080 on my old computer with no issues - but my new computer which has a 3090, no go
  5. 527.56 crashed on me so I went back to 522.25 and it also crashes - seems all of the drivers are crap
  6. Had to go back to 526.47, all the new ones crashed my system - 526.47 seems to be stable so far
  7. go to help and search profile plan
  8. check your roof baselines The Majestic The Majestic
  9. anybody have experience with Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 ?