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  1. I use measures app on my ipad - take a picture draw measurements on picture
  2. Gary Ohmer, Ketchikan , Just wondering how many and location
  3. I've asked this to be addressed multiple times in the past - can't be done
  4. when you change the upper it changes the lower - delete the landing and adjust your stairs where you want them - rebuild the landing and you should be good
  5. Looks to me you're using the wrong railing - third down is straight deck railing and fourth down is curved deck railing.
  6. I had to roll back to 528.02, 12/22/2022 and now is running smoothly. Before program would just freeze when layout update
  7. pull the wall to the other roof peak - in the elevation view put a break (not break wall) at the bottom left of the fireplace wall - grab the bottom and pull up - you can adjust the angle to match the vaulted roof
  8. Had that exact problem - boiled down to the nvidia drivers - went back to 528.02 and all is well
  9. use a slab for the curved section, change the line to arc
  10. not that, why is only one door getting hardware?