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  1. Arielle_02

    Raytrace percentage

    Thank you to both of you. The picture was very helpful, I had to resize my window. It was too big.
  2. Arielle_02

    Raytrace percentage

    Trust me I don't see it.
  3. Arielle_02

    Raytrace percentage

    Hello, On Chief Architect X12 where can I see the raytrace percentage? On X11 I use to see it on the bottom on the screen.
  4. Arielle_02

    Chief Architect X12

    Thank you to all of you for the answers. I have Windows 10, the link on Chief Architect is for Windows 7. I sent an email to Tech Support.
  5. Arielle_02

    Chief Architect X12

    Hi, I downloaded the Chief Architect X12 and I find it runs slow. Do you experiment that? And I also received FTH message. I never got that with the X11. Looking forward to receiving a few answers shortly. Thank you
  6. Thank you all for your answers. @GeneDavis I received a 3D from Sketchup to work on a Kitchen, I was wondering if I can import it on Chief Architect and work directly on the 3D. @Chopsaw How can I remove it? I saw it. Thanks I never thought of exporting cabinets from Chief Architect to sketchup
  7. Hello, I imported a 3D plan drew on Sketchup on Chief Architect 11. I would like to add cabinets to the plan, how can I do that? It looks like when I drag the file to Chief Architect it imported it as a symbol not as a 3D drawing. Thank you for your help,
  8. Arielle_02

    Bonus catalog

    ok thank you Tommy.
  9. Arielle_02

    Bonus catalog

    Hi, I installed on another laptop and upgraded to Chief Architect Interiors X10. The bonus and manufacturers catalogs didn't download. Do I have to redownload everything again? Manually? Thanks for your prompt replies. Arielle
  10. Arielle_02

    Importing Vectorworks dwg files

    Ok sorry. Thanks
  11. Hello again, How can I import VectorWorks files exporting in dwg, 2D and 3D and work on it on Chief Architect. Thank you for your help. Arielle
  12. Arielle_02

    Arch Cabinet box

    Thanks a lot Mark for your quick answer. I'll try to follow the different steps. I'll keep you posted.
  13. Arielle_02

    Arch Cabinet box

    Hello, How can I draw these cabinets on Chief Architect? Thank you for your help. Arielle
  14. Hi, Why can't we export a 3D view in Chief Architect Interiors? Arielle
  15. Arielle_02

    Objects library

    Hi Joe, I do have SSA. I have a video card problem I think that's why I'm still using the X9. The X10 just didn't work properly. I know the Interiors is limited to certain features, that is probably why I can't design everything on it even though I used alternative options, like using a soffit to draw a 2x4 lumber