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  1. Charlie

    Underground houses

    Just got a call about doing an underground house. Anybody have any experience with this? I don't do many new houses, so not really interested, but told them I would inquire to see if anybody else may want to take on such a project. Central Kentucky area.
  2. Charlie

    Old version 7.0 libraries

    I am looking for old version 7 libraries. Anybody have access to these? Thanks, Charlie
  3. Charlie

    old file format

    Lew, Thanks - I have X7 and that seems to work. Charlie
  4. Charlie

    old file format

    I may need to send this to one of you to convert. Let me know if one of you can do it. Thanks
  5. Charlie

    old file format

    Greetings, Trying to open a file from 2003 - it is in the old format. I have X1, but can't find the dongle. Will X1 open the old pl1, pl2 files? Thanks, Charloie
  6. Charlie


    Perfect. Thanks. I was overthinking it.
  7. Charlie


    Started a plan on a modified, by others, layer set and have the following issue - the ceiling clip lines are showing as HVAC line style. Who knows how this occurred. Question is how to find it and reset it to a simple dashed line? Thanks, Charlie
  8. Just had this problem on a plan and finally got it to frame correctly. I deleted my joist direction line for the second floor platform, which helped, but my joist direction was wrong, so I noted the bearing walls as such in their structure tabs. This made the joist go in the correct direction. I will add a cad line w/ note to show the joist direction.
  9. Charlie

    Nvidia 1080 GTXti settings

    Got that. Just wondering if anybody changes the program settings for CA or if they tweak the global settings at all.
  10. Charlie

    Nvidia 1080 GTXti settings

    I did and I have downloaded it. I will try it out later. Thanks
  11. Charlie

    Nvidia 1080 GTXti settings

    Greetings and Happy Holidays, New desktop . Any preferences for the Nvidia 1080 GTXti settings? Everything set to default right now. Getting some crashes working on some older plan files. Windows 10 is getting updates - maybe I should disable that. Thanks, Charlie
  12. Charlie

    Alternating tread stair

    Anybody ever done an Alternating tread stair? This just came up and I have never attempted one. I guess it will have to be done with landings for the treads. Thanks, Charlie
  13. Charlie

    Wall/floor surfaces not showing properly in 3D

    Thanks! Have a good weekend.
  14. Charlie

    Wall/floor surfaces not showing properly in 3D

    Thanks. Does not seem to move my saved cameras, though. I can deal with that.
  15. Charlie

    Wall/floor surfaces not showing properly in 3D

    I would never of thought of that. Thanks. Is that done w/ edit area all floors? If you can walk me through it as I need to do about four versions.