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  1. I was not able to right click on the CA door and get an edit command, so I exported it to user catalog and that lets me edit it. This should work.
  2. I had this happen a few months ago and got technical support to help me fix it and I am having it again and they are closed for the weekend and I cannot remember what we did - something with the door symbol itself, but I can't seem to access the symbol properties for it. I use a lot of tall doors - 84", 90" etc and the 4 panel door symbol supplied by CA does not extend to the top of a jamb any higher than 80". Anybody recall this issue and how to fix it? Thanks
  3. Damned if this not show up on one of my plans today. Very odd. Note the newel posts - only happens at certain view angles. I fiddled with sunlight, textures and properties to no avail. Need to send file to CA to check out.
  4. You will have to diagnose the plan. Start a new plan and do an edit area of the existing and paste it to the new plan. Then you can start deconstructing it while you look at a 3D view. Sometimes you can have a slight wall overlap or other issue and it will do weird things. You should post the plan and see if one of us here can sort it out.
  5. Not sure. I would delete the cabinet and replace it. Seems like something is wrong with that particular cabinet.
  6. in 3d view, if you select a material eyedropper tool in the upper top row and select an object to paint, there will be icons on the lower left (paint component, object, all in room, all on floor floor or all in plan and then the "roller". At least this is how my toolbar is arranged. If roller is on it will change the color but keep any texture. If you start painting things, these buttons are critical as they can wreak havoc if not used properly.
  7. Did you paint it with the counter material at one point. Looks like it retained a texture. The little roller icon needs to be off to not mix color with texture. You might not be seeing it in CA renders.
  8. Just got a call about doing an underground house. Anybody have any experience with this? I don't do many new houses, so not really interested, but told them I would inquire to see if anybody else may want to take on such a project. Central Kentucky area.
  9. I am looking for old version 7 libraries. Anybody have access to these? Thanks, Charlie
  10. Lew, Thanks - I have X7 and that seems to work. Charlie
  11. I may need to send this to one of you to convert. Let me know if one of you can do it. Thanks
  12. Greetings, Trying to open a file from 2003 - it is in the old format. I have X1, but can't find the dongle. Will X1 open the old pl1, pl2 files? Thanks, Charloie