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  1. buildinthevoid

    Pool Heights

    This part here
  2. buildinthevoid

    Pool Heights

    So I'm trying to add a pool to this roof, and I would like to adjust the flooring so that it slopes downwards from the step, rather than just staying flat. Any way I can go about it?
  3. buildinthevoid

    Enclosing a Corner with Glass Doors

    Is there anyway I can attach these two glass doors together, essentially removing the corner of the wall?
  4. buildinthevoid

    Creating Different Ceiling Heights

    I went about it this way, thanks !
  5. buildinthevoid

    Creating Different Ceiling Heights

    I don't think so, I divided the section of the room, then decreased the height for that area but the entire room adjusted to the height I inputted.
  6. buildinthevoid

    Creating Different Ceiling Heights

    How could I go about changing the ceiling heights of the same room like in the attached picture? There's a second floor above this room. I used the room divider tool, but the whole ceiling still adjusts to the same height.
  7. buildinthevoid

    LIght Effect Issues

    So I have these lights placed on a porch, and while they're turned on, they're not casting any shadows, so when I render it the area still remains dark. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  8. buildinthevoid

    Door Casing Molding

    So I'm trying to make a shower doorway with a casing around it, but I'd like the casing to end at the point where the texture in the wall changes as shown in the picture. Would anyone know how to go about doing it?
  9. buildinthevoid

    3D Molding Texture

    So I downloaded this candle holder model, it has the exact shape I'm looking for but it only has one texture assigned to it. Is there anyway to separate the model or add another color to make the top part of it a different color?
  10. buildinthevoid


    Tried it, still didn't work :/
  11. buildinthevoid


    Basic question, but the main toolbar under file pane disappeared, how do i get it back? Status bars, scroll bars and tool bars are checked..
  12. buildinthevoid

    Inserting a shelf within a wall

  13. buildinthevoid

    Inserting a shelf within a wall

    Wow that works great! I'm wondering though, how did u remove that center piece for the column? I made it all one interior wall with one pass thru window and one door way for the archways.
  14. buildinthevoid

    Inserting a shelf within a wall

    Hey thank you that was really helpful. However would it be possible to place the wall niche in a polyline wall? There's a column in the center that was difficult to replicate unless I made the surrounding wall out of polylines..
  15. buildinthevoid

    Inserting a shelf within a wall

    Hey yall! I would like to build a shelf in my plan, however it is placed within the wall as you can see from the image I posted. I'm using Chief x11, and was wondering how to replicate the depth in the wall for the shelf?