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  1. Karl_B

    window schedules

  2. Karl_B

    window schedules

    I'm trying to get both the window labels (4040) and the schedule number (W02) to show on the floor plans at the same time. Is this possible?
  3. Karl_B

    Curb wall at loft railing

    That works, thanks for the help.
  4. Karl_B

    Curb wall at loft railing

    Any suggestions on how to stop the railing at the edge of the loft to stop creating a small curb under it so the floor isn't flush to the edge? Green Lake cabin.zip
  5. Karl_B

    Dormer / interior wall issues

    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion didn't get the result I was looking for, but it did get me thinking in the right direction. To get rid of the extra ceiling over the stair I needed to create a room that could be assigned the open to below. The 2 clouded walls needed to have the 'no room definition' unchecked and made invisible. For the issue with no gypsum finish on the end of the wall I discovered that you need to break the room divider wall and then you can pull the horizontal wall thru to were you want it and then it shows with a finish on the end.
  6. The wall between the flat ceiling dormer and the vault over the living/kitchen had to be manually adjusted to work, but there are still random pieces of wall with no gypsum. There is also a small piece of ceiling over the bottom of the stair that I don't know to remove it. The wall between the stair and hall has no gypsum on the face, it has something to do with the invisible wall between the hall and kitchen that I added to have 2 different ceiling heights. Any suggestions? KELLY&HAINSWORTH-34107 Richards Ave-Mission.plan
  7. Karl_B

    "clipped" gable fascia

    That works, thanks. How would you run the facia past the gutter to hide the end cap of the gutter? And, when you use a 2nd shadow board the top one runs past the bottom.