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  1. Hi folks, I want to create a corner window with two different profile windows where height is different on both faces of windows like the one circled RED in this picture. I tried but failed to remove the corner post if I change the height of one side like this Need your guidance. I am using x10. Thanks in advance.
  2. But CAD details from view option is greyed out! What to do?
  3. While in cross-section elevation I just turned on the camera view layer set and the symbol is showing now.
  4. Whenever I try to take a cross-section elevation view of the symbol which I copied to a blank new plan, no 3D view appears. Views only appear if I press orthographic full or floor overview buttons whereas pics you uploaded depict that these views should come through cross-section elevation as you encircle in pic #2. May I be helped a little more?
  5. You are right at it. I am learning a lot from all of you. Thank you.
  6. Thank you so much, I just logged into the CA Forum and saw your post. Will definitely try it.
  7. Yep. I am missing the part of converting the view into CAD. How to do it in a simple way? Looking for a short cut.
  8. Yes I did but unable to completely understand.
  9. That is the fixture specification dialog box. How could I read the angles of steel bars upon which the whole structure is made for this awing
  10. By just clicking I don't see any drop box!
  11. I want someone to assist me in making a CAD plan for this shed as I am going to get this shed built. I am confused about how to measure the steel bar lengths and angles. In CA I just resized the symbol and pasted it on my plan.