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  1. Hey Jo, Please see the attached screenshot. You MacBook appears to be too old for X13
  2. Yes thanks. I recreated it and figured that part out. One question, by adding the 2nd floor, when you create a stairwell the stairs are not visible on the 3rd floor. How does everyone get around this? CAD lines?
  3. I hadn't thought of using the deck tools to achieve that. Good idea! It wouldn't fully automate the framing model but it's part of the way there. There's more than one way to build this but having SOME of the framing generate without modelling each individual member is a big plus. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I have attached a photo of facade style which has become VERY common in Australia. In order to achieve the look I have been using polyline solids. I was wondering if anyone has a means of achieving this type of model which would enable chief to generate the framing as well? Ideally I would like to be able to produce an accurate material take off.
  5. @Adam_Gibson - Both machines are set up to use the same folder/directory so I don't think this is the issue. @Renerabbitt - This sounds like it could be the cause. I might have opened up chief before the file had synced to my machine. Will have to do some more testing. Thanks
  6. Has anyone been having issues with saving their user library to the cloud? Specifically Google Drive? I've noticed some items won't sync b/w devices & I've also had textures go missing. The Cloud folder has additional files being created by Chief titled 'User_Library[Conflict]' Would love to know why this is occurring.
  7. Hi Everyone, Not sure if this is a function you use regularly however, it is something I make regular use of when working on my laptop to pan around my plans (when I need to use my trackpad) On previous versions you could hold down CMD and left click to pan around the screen. X11 no longer has this function, and the custom hotkey tool won't allow me to re-create it.. Has anyone else encountered this? If possible, it would be great if the Dev. team could fix this via an update. - Jonathan
  8. Thanks for the ideas! In the past I've always just used the EDIT>EDIT AREA> ALL FLOORS and copied and pasted the plans onto my site. It works but it's always 'clunky' I find. This is definitely a viable work around. Thanks!
  9. Bummer. Thought I was going to save myself some work by making them a 3D object. Will just copy them from the other plan files and paste them onto the site then. Would be nice if Chief would make it work as a 3D model. Saves a lot of stuffing around with subdivision/unit developments. Always need to supply a shadow diagram. Thanks Michael.
  10. Hi Everyone, Quick question. I have exported a 3DS model from chief to use as part of a Dual Occupancy. After importing the model into my site plan all looks good, however the 3DS model won't generate a shadow in plan view. Works fine in a 3D overview though... Any suggestions? I haven't been able to find anything in the help files.
  11. X9 seems to have fixed this problem, AND I can have my crosshairs on
  12. Not a bad idea. Could CAD block it and add to library. Would only need a little bit of tweaking then.
  13. I'm specifically wanting to recreate the 'zigzag' pattern shown in the cut area. There's nothing in the chief library that replicates it and I've hunted around on a few websites that have fill patterns but can't find what I want