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  1. mainst555

    Curved wainscoting

    @javatom how do u bend the molding after u change it in window? I can curve the window but no the molding , and will give me the hole of the window do u have a sample of what do u do ?
  2. mainst555

    Tray Ceiling

    Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple
  3. mainst555

    Tray Ceiling

    sorry... "hole in the top of the tray" I meant to say
  4. mainst555

    Tray Ceiling

    Hi, Does anyone know how to create a skylight or ceiling hole at the top of a tray ceiling. I used the new tray ceiling command and it doesn't seem to allow a hole is the top of the tray Thanks in advance
  5. mainst555

    Complicated roofs and dormers

    Thanks all I am using X11 I tried to upload the file but it is over 25mb
  6. mainst555

    Complicated roofs and dormers

    Hi, I am having a heck of a time trying to get these roof lines and dormers to work out. I have attached a few shots to show what is going on The two main wall sections (front steep gable and under the gambrel roof) want to be brick. The shed dormer walls want to be stucco. I was able to break and stretch the walls to work (somewhat) but the roofs will not cover the top of the brick. I must be doing something wrong because it just seems like I am fighting with the program. Any suggestions and/or help would be appreciated
  7. mainst555

    terrain perimeter

    Awesome... Thank you!
  8. mainst555

    terrain perimeter

    Does anyone know how to stop a cantilevered floor from cutting a hole in the terrain perimeter? Thanks in advance
  9. I've resolved this topic. Ciaravino -DP3_new cabinet layout_1.10.2020.pdf
  10. line weights turned off. Opened drawings this morning and preview and plotting results in line weights being thicker. Ciaravino -DP3_new cabinet layout_1.10.2020.pdf
  12. mainst555

    Seeking Full Time Employee

    Residential Architectural Designer - Please visit this link:
  13. mainst555

    3D Connection Space Mouse

    This is a valid question - I'm surprised that no one at Chief Architect has answered or commented. Using the space mouse in sketchup is one of the most valuable tools that I use, not being able to use it in chief is a huge downside to the program (especially during a client 3d presentation) Comments from the people at 3dConnexion say that it is a fairly simple programming change to the software Looking forward to some discussion here