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  1. Have a look at this file i made terrain elevation data standout to trouble shoot you problem you need to put elevation data on each side of retaining walls. KELLY -
  2. If you want upload file and I can fix that
  3. Go to your default exterior wall and untick furred wall. then it will draw new walls with it turned off
  4. Have a look at this file i set the pool house floor elevation structure tab to -90" hope this helps floor heights don't follow terrain. you need to control them with there dialog Connon RVA
  5. Have a look at this file i made the porch a room with auto roofs on its still a bit wacky but might be closer to what you want. Peck C5
  6. See if that is getting closer to what you want i think maybe use apple street view to get some better photos or google 2260219_CCS_DirkWagner_GarageAddition_ExistingHome.plan
  7. If you get a chance tell the outcome I would be interested
  8. Send it to chief support. there is either a bug or they will know what is wrong.
  9. Try unselecting higher eaves boxed see if that is a good fix
  10. see if that is any good i can tweak it if you need like grout color
  11. Check out the symbols and content section of the forum
  12. you have a terrain break drawn ontop of terrain break another near window number 2 zoom in you should see it, with elevation data layer I change line weight and color to stand out so i can trouble shoot
  13. Often you only need the major contours from the cad plan
  14. Delete roof baseline polylines go to edit menu delete objects. then select roof baseline polylines.
  15. Start with auto roof then with tricky bits adjust manual edit roof plane.
  16. Its not like a cheap price has been paid to use the software over the years has been paid it was fare money and then to be told it is now worth nothing thats what it looks like when big business has it way and says stuff you to its existing
  17. A screen shot would help as i cannot see problem, plus update you signature to x14 it will help save time for those trying to help you There is framing blead through if it is that turn roof framing layer
  18. Has anyone found 3d plants and trees to buy that are not to high surfaces and suitable for chief i have chiefs bonus items but would like more
  19. This is what I am getting, I don't know your software, but you may need to turn off auto roofs if you can in your software
  20. Have a look at this file and see if its works for you 419 old sherman mod 2.plan
  21. If you are ever struggling with 3d model side of things just send me a private message, I can zoom or other to help
  22. When exporting use a higher resolution like 2048 you will get smaller grout line
  23. Here is a quick go at it to help you pool room.plan