Shadows And Color Fill In Layout Offset


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Seems to be some sort of bug in X8. Here is what i get when i try and re link an elevation from an earlier version of the house (with an 8/12 pitch roof) to the newer saved plan file with a 6.5/12 roof pitch. 


I realize this is a beta version and there are bound to be bugs. Where and how do you report this?

pitch change.pdf

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I'm don't think it's a bug b/c it doesn't happen to me. Did you actually open the layout elevation view and close it again. Are your settings correctly set for each camera. This is new and when bringing plans forward there are new settings to adjust.

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Here are a couple of screen shots showing the same thing, One from camera view one from the layout. Also a different project. However i did pull up some older jobs and turn shadows in layout on and they look fine. 


I'm just not sure what would cause this for these current jobs i am working on. I have checked and unchecked just about every setting i can find. 


The shadows on layout make the elevations look so much better i really want this to work right. I will be in touch with the Chief people on Monday hopefully they can help.


On a side note, thank you to all who post on this forum. Every time i have a problem i can usually find an answer on here to help me out. Good work people. Keep it up.  



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