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  1. Wanting to make one of the shadow boards/facia boards 3" higher around all roof planes. I typically draw them all in by hand but seems that this should work for me with chiefs tools and save me a ton of time just cant figure out how. When i offset vertically the shadow board in the roof dbx the boards on the eaves change depth by what appears to be the height of the offset. Also the roofing material seems to go to the outside of the shadow board which creates a line that doesn't look to pretty either. Any suggestions would be appreciated. newest leo option-Perspective Full Overview Image.pdf Untitled
  2. I have the same problem only with some plans though.... I posted my plan with the problems on a different thread and some people had the problem when viewed on there computer some didn't. Seems the guys with the better video cards didn't have the problem? Not sure. Contacted support and they said they know about it but did not offer me any solutions. You can see the camera view looks fine and then the layout view is offset. This is when using plot lines not live view in the camera settings. Live view seems to work ok but i prefer the look of the plot lines when printed.
  3. I did hear back from them and they will be working on it to help me out. I will let you know what I hear.
  4. Attached are the layout and backed up plan files in a zip folder. Not sure if this is how you do it or not but should work i think.
  5. What happens when you turn Print Preview on? Doesn't change anything. What happens when you print? Comes out the same. Is the same problem visible in the print? Yes.
  6. Here are a couple of screen shots showing the same thing, One from camera view one from the layout. Also a different project. However i did pull up some older jobs and turn shadows in layout on and they look fine. I'm just not sure what would cause this for these current jobs i am working on. I have checked and unchecked just about every setting i can find. The shadows on layout make the elevations look so much better i really want this to work right. I will be in touch with the Chief people on Monday hopefully they can help. On a side note, thank you to all who post on this forum. Every time i have a problem i can usually find an answer on here to help me out. Good work people. Keep it up.
  7. Seems to be some sort of bug in X8. Here is what i get when i try and re link an elevation from an earlier version of the house (with an 8/12 pitch roof) to the newer saved plan file with a 6.5/12 roof pitch. I realize this is a beta version and there are bound to be bugs. Where and how do you report this? pitch change.pdf
  8. When i send an elevation view to layout my shadows and color fill are offset from my plot lines. anybody else have this problem? or know of a solution or what i may be doing wrong? color fill.pdflayout shadows.pdf Dom
  9. I also have this issue when i try to send views to layout with legacy shadows turned on. Shadows work fine in camera view then when i send to layout i get an error message saying that my video card is insufficient. Then when i go back to the camera view it is all black. By turning off legacy shadows and reopening the camera view it comes back to normal. Dom