X8 - 3D Connexion Mouse Hard To Control On Zoom

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Hey Larry,


I'm not so certain that the zoom issue is directly related to a specific kind of mouse.


...meaning that it happens with every mouse. I went back to a usb mouse thinking that the problem would go away, but it hasn't.


For now, I guess you just have to be carefully with each scroll of the wheel while zooming. This has got to be a bug. Turning the scroll a few notches in an overhead view shouldn't land the camera right inside the house!!


Thanks for bringing this up. I was literally just about to post the same.

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Same thing here. Been relying on just using a click or two and then doing everything with the 3d mouse. Been using since beta so I have become used to it. (Using the 3d mouse to navigate rather than "zooming".

Definitely something going on...

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This does not seem to be fixed yet and I still can't get used to it. Fortunately the orbit camera that I use the most works the best.

I was working on a 3D modeling project and was having a terrible time with the full overview camera because of the tiny size of the hardware piece I was working on ( 3.5" ) and one click of the mouse wheel would zoom me about two feet at a time. Then I discovered a very useful tool "CTRL ALT Zoom". My frustration level has returned from 10 back to 1. I sure hope that this is not something that you all know and did not share with me.

I did find this in the Help file but nothing about an override function. ( CTRL ALT Zoom ) WOW!!!

The program adjusts the speed of these actions depending on characteristics of the camera:

• Zoom speed depends on how close the camera is to the object located behind the mouse pointer. When the target object is far from the camera, zooming is faster; as the camera gets closer to the target, zooming slows.

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27 minutes ago, dJanzenINTERIORS said:

Chopsaw - THANK you for the CTRL ALT Zoom!


I have more recently learned that the "CTRL + SHIFT  Zoom"  is even more powerful.  Enjoy :D

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