Why does Chief draw unwanted attic walls? 15 years of getting rid of unwanted attic walls?


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Let us draw the attic and gable walls where we want them. Do away with auto attic walls, they don't make sense. There's  over 100 threads on how to trick chief so these unwanted walls don't show up.  Wouldn't it be easier for us all to be able to just put the walls we want where we want them and not deal with how to trick chief into creating crap we don't need?  


Thanks for allowing me to vent..



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It's my understanding that Chief builds attic walls for use by auto-roof generator


Chief builds them because it is programmed to believe it needs them


supposedly if you take the need away - then chief won't build them


how to control all of this ???


not my forte


I usually make them invisible or have my partner fix the plan :)



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