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As can be seen in the attached picture there is drywall missing yet in the kitchen one room over things are fine. On the third floor I put a dividing wall above the wall separating the kitchen and the master bedroom on the second floor. the third floor is only 3ft high and wiil have windows to let more light in. Why am I missing drywall and what can I do to fix it. Thanks I also added a picture of another bedroom where drywall is missing.



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I would suggest you post the plan but you know that but I will take a stab at it.

Possible reasons:  hhmmmmmmmm


1.  Did you drag wall up from bottom?

2. Is that a second floor wall that is defined as going thru floor?

3. Is there an invisible railing under that wall?


Hey  Glenn  W.,  you got any guesses?  P. my man,  any guesses......  there has to be more possibilities.........


maybe those walls are gable end walls and if you select the wall and define as ROOF CUTS WALL AT BOTTOM,  that might fix it.

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It depends a lot on the structure - is it only one floor, how did you draw the wall, etc?


My best guess:

You dragged the wall up from the floor.

Leave the wall as a normal wall - don't pull it up from the floor.

Make it Invisible.

Chief will take care of the rest.


If not - post the plan.

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