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  1. When I click and drag on the diamond it does not create another line but just extends the line.
  2. I am running windows 7. Under compatibility in properties, when I right click over my chief architect icon, there is no check mark, and in the greyed out box it says vista. This is how the program installed. Should I leave it or place a check mark and set it to windows 7? Thanks Brent
  3. Connect Cad Segments did not appear to be working. The workaround is to click on the corner edit handles with Connect Cad Segments enabled and the segments will connect. This is with an open polyline. Thanks Brent
  4. I am using x10. How do I add that to my signature? Thanks
  5. If I use the full camera on the main floor it shows the basement view. Thanks
  6. When I place grouped furniture like a kitchen table and chairs they are at different heights. I am using absolute reference locations on some objects because slabs and furniture ended up changing their initial elevations. Does using absolute reference locations on objects cause the problem? Thanks
  7. https://blendermarket.com/products/graswald---asset-library This asset pack is made up of fbx files and png picture files. There is also a Graswald addon that works within blender. Just do a search on the blendermarket for Graswald I they both come up. I converted the dandelion species to dae in blender3d 2.79b, which is an open source free 3d animation program and imported it into chief architect. Then I opened the object and applied the material from a color...normal...and spec map file I had saved to my user library. Here is a picture of the dandelions in my scene. These are all 3d models. Let me know what you think. If you need help with this contact me.Thanks
  8. Thank you glennw. This was really frustrating me.
  9. In a row of windows you are always left with a 1.5 to 2 inch space between one of the windows. Thanks
  10. Is it a fascia board and is it always under the fascia? Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I gave up on it and moved on. The house had duplicate roof planes and a partial wall in a wall. Too frustrating and not that important at the moment.
  12. As can be seen in the attached picture there is drywall missing yet in the kitchen one room over things are fine. On the third floor I put a dividing wall above the wall separating the kitchen and the master bedroom on the second floor. the third floor is only 3ft high and wiil have windows to let more light in. Why am I missing drywall and what can I do to fix it. Thanks I also added a picture of another bedroom where drywall is missing.