Blind Upgrade To X7 Before Sale Ends?


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there is a $95 fee if you let your SSA expire




If upgrades are your only reason to buy SSA (as it is with me now), then however many months past my expiration a new version comes out - compared with my cost per month of SSA - determines if I worry about this fee in relation to keeping "current". 

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Been on the beta team in the past but I don't mind waiting to see how advanced X7 will be?

Stepped cross sections, has been requested and they have delivered it this time so they do listen.

Keep on posting what we think is very much needed and we may eventually get it?

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  • 2 months later...

Ooh, bad timing. 


5:40 PM on a Friday evening.


Keep checking the locker. If you are current on your SSA then it will probably be in there soon.


Although they might be having some glitches for some people. Might have to wait til Monday and call tech support.


(now who do I sound like?) Hmmmm.



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Yeah Lew,  where is he?  That old war bird should be back on line in the next day or two Giving us some good advice like,  "contact Tech,  they are open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm pst"  Come on Lew,  where are you?

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