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3 hours ago, steve_stuart said:

Does anyone know where I can find a symbol for an electric car charger? I am looking for a residential charger, not a charging station. Tried a search to no avail, would appreciate any help. Thanks

For an electrical plan, I show a 220 plug centered on one side of the garage (although it seems to we'll need one on both sides sooner than later). From what I can tell, it seems most charging stations are not hard-wired.

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13 hours ago, Richard_Morrison said:

Just FYI, California requires a 40 amp circuit, and some newer 40 amp chargers will require a 50-amp circuit. Better verify.


And the EV200 also requires a 40 amp circuit - my mistake - I'll edit my post. California is always out ahead of everyone else; in Wisconsin we've just begun to see local jurisdictions require car charging stations in multi-family developments.

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