Stop Using Paint Tool!!!!! Especially the newbies!!!


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Telling on myself here a bit, but it does provide an example of how things get a bit out of hand if you are not careful.


I do know better than to do this but, I thought I would save some time by using the default settings "concrete" in the Polyline Solids tool to create the metal framing members on a Storefront Window Wall.  I quite happily painted the members black and while I was at it I painted the door black as well, or so I thought at the time.


The problem showed up when I added the Material category to the Door Schedule, then a mile long listing of the actual material definition showed up in all of it's glory with black showing at the end.


I could have changed the material definition in the door's dbx, but instead I dropped the doors from the Schedule because I could in this situation.  Even though I did know better, I thought I could get away with it just this time, but that darn Cat in the Hat got me.  Lesson learned, again. 2 cents.





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why Windows has an "UNDO" command when one screws up


assuming one spots the issue at that time 


Rod didn't find the issue until he did Schedules


Also, not everyone has time to "play" with every setting of every tool in a variety of scenarios

It is just not feasible ...



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Completely Agree especially on Exterior Walls , just copy the closest Wall-type and adjust the Wall Definition and assign the material as needed,

don't just change the material on the Material Tab for the existing Wall.


*** I say this because, recently in someone's Plan I was helping, I came across a strange Paint Can caused issue.

All the walls in a two Story Sports-barn building (with a Full Basketball court) were the Same Color (BM OC-26) but different

walls looked like they were a different Shades of the same color ... I thought it was just lighting at 1st but no....and when checking the

materials, I didn't notice at 1st that the Word Default  was missing from the Material's name in the Select Window, so I fixed the Wall

definitions for each wall-type and then forced them all back to Default using the Default Material Button and suddenly the Whole interior

looked the same......The Person later confirmed they had tried to fix the issue themselves ( with the paint can tool) and it only seemed

to get worse, it doesn't make 100% sense to me that it being a Default ...or Not would cause this but there you go....

another reason to take great care with the Paint Can Tool.



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