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OK all this talk about correct models yields a clean layout makes me ask what to do to clean this up.

Item 1 is the end of the right wall coming through on the front wall. Wall type is CMU Stucco with Drywall on the interior (stock catalog wall)

Item 2 is a joint between floors, this front face in actuality is a contentious CMU wall & no seams.

But most all 1st floor to 2nd floor walls should be seamless on the exterior.



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Don't know your name but check this plan I attached. Look at the wall definitions and compare to what you had. The walls are more accurately defined as real world as built walls with CMU block, stucco exterior and drywall interior with the exterior CMU wall as the main layer. Then I reversed the layers which you shouldn't have had to do but it got a single line instead of the 2 you had. I'm not sure what you want to do with the parapet wall definition so I left it alone but maybe the new definitions will help you define the parapet the way you want it.


Defining your walls correctly is a very important first step when starting a plan as well as defining your default floor structures. Walls are usually defined from the top (exterior surface) to the bottom (interior finish) with pretty much any material in between. You had all 3 layers defined as the main layers, with the top (exterior layer) as 7 5/8" stucco the middle layer as 3/4" air gap and the bottom (interior layer) as drywall.




Here's another way to define the wall that works better.




See if that helps

Wall Test NEW WALLS.zip

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Can't find that CAD block Raymond and I think you're right that it might fix the line but the walls are not defined correctly to give consistent results - unless I'm missing something. OK I see custom counter tops on top of the wall? Still think the structure need to be right to get consistent results.

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After adjusting the walls (and it's not for sure i got them right) it LOOKS like the line is gone. Didn't mess with the parapet wall.


attachicon.gifNew Walls 5.PNG


But when looking closely there's another, smaller double line that someone else might need to fix.


attachicon.gifNew Walls 6.PNG

You can fix that with the new" Edit wall layer intersection" tool

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ACAD (sorry don't know your name) you also have many many Layer sets that renamed each time you send a plan to Layout. Very few use this 'feature'. If you uncheck the box below you'll be able to mange your Layer Sets much better.


attachicon.giflayer set new 1.PNG


Thanks for the tip.

Is there a global setting for that or do you set it once per drawing secession?




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