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can anyone figure out this roof. Automatic roof does not work because of the gable at the front, plus the btm of it needs to be semi-arch and between the other post needs to be semi-arch on bth at front porch. plus the great room bldr want coming in from all sides sloped up to a point. ( I can not get it to work right. This is a remodeling project. I am trying to get front to look like the attached bldr sketch.all house is 10 ft p.l. except garage is staying 8' and the new outdoor rm will have 8' p.l. w. cath ceiling. 


Thanks if someone can assisst me.using x 11




partial Front Elevation 04.08.2019.jpg

front elevation.jpg

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Tutorials and training videos and the manual has all the info needed to get this done.

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Like this... [30 seconds with randomly placed floating dormers]



Or do you want it to hip on the side? Switch to gable on the right? Drop the pitch?


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Thanks for input brown tiger,. I did resolve the roof issue before I saw your help (it is attached). Great room ceiling issue, cannot get to close up. It might create some issues during framing plans.This is a major remodel, raising halls ceilings from 8ft to 10 ft.  Seet attache clg view , I cannot solve it see attached. 

The beam at front porch is there a way to semi-arch the beam like builder sketch I attached previously.


roofsolved 04.11.2019.jpg

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Newell, have you tried a ceiling plane barrel vault (arched).  I did some similar on a 2015 lake house project. I haven't had opportunity to open that plan file and try to remember how I did it. I think I did no ceiling in the porch vault, then used the ceiling plane tool to make the radius vault.  So much to do today, I may not have the time to open it up but if I do I'll see if I can post something?

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I took a minute to pull up the old Lake House plan I did. I was correct, in that I did the porch room with no ceiling, then added the ceiling plane, made it curved, played with the heights etc. until I got it to work.  Something didn't work just exactly right, but I couldn't remember what I did to fix it. I think it had to do with the config of the porch room, but I do remember I use the break tool to break the plane and drag it back into the areas needed. See if this is what you're attempting, and if it helps? I would post the plan this came off of, but this was back in 2015, and that file is missing somewhere in my files and I was unable to drag it out.  I had the (messed up plan file) saved in drop box but is a mess, and I never spent the time back then to straighten all the issues out.  Glenn Woodward helped me work out the roof on the corrected plan I did for construction and that's the one I had saved on an external hard drive packed away somewhere?!?!?





CP DBX.png

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