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thanks kbird. wish they would fix things that need fixed and leave simple stuff alone. typical non everyday user changing what they know nothing about except the 1's and 0's.

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Based on the number of down votes you have received, it looks like some people don't agree with you.


Regardless, it is still very easy to change what displays on your reference by first clicking on the Change Floor/Reference button (the one that shows the current floor) and then clicking on the Define box in the reference display table.  See the picture below.


I would suggest that if you are frequently changing what is displayed in your reference layer set that instead of constantly turning layers on and off you should setup some new reference display layer sets instead.  It will be more efficient to simply change your reference layer set than it is to frequently change what's displayed in it.  Whether you are using only one reference floor or several, this should be a faster way to work.


If you find that you really can't get used to the new changes, then you should send in a suggestion asking us to bring back the old tool.  This would be a much more effective way of getting the changes you want.


reference display.png

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I remeber being initially perplexed by the new reference display dialogue box. 

It wasn’t obvious what the active floor was  even though there was an enormous red arrow pointing at it...lol 


But I also know what it’s like to be under the gun and trying to get work out and then being stumped by a totally revamped tool and not taking the time prior to read up on it so I think we should cut OP some slack. 

It’s a rage reflex. 

It happens. 

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what is this site? a popularity contest or an informational forum. i couldn't care less who does and doesn't like me. i have been a draftsman for 32 years the last 24 on computer and steadily employed with 3 different companies in that time period.

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11 minutes ago, tracer said:

what is this site?

The site is a site full of very helpful individuals who respond best when asked a simple clear question about the programs operation and/or how to solve a specific problem. Most forum posters don't know the history of every forum poster so it's hard to tell how much experience each has but not so hard to tell when someone posts with an attitude that's hard to give a helpful answer for.


I agree the whole up vote down vote thing is childish but don't hesitate to post a clear concise question about any feature of Chief and many people will chime in to help solve your question.

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The REF display dialogue is improved...but the introduction of it by Chief has been lousy.  


When a tool that has been around as long as this is changed so radically there needs to be supporting training videos released prior to or at a minimum at the time of release.  


Its obvious to me that hat many users haven’t a clue how to use this tool...or plan views.  


Come on Chief...you can do better

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