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  1. agr361

    New X11 update Today

    Anyone having issues with your reference display defaulting back to the default "reference layer display" set? I made changes to it, save, close out of the drawing, get back in the drawing and it resets to its default color, line weights and colors.... Ive saved a new reference display layer set, saved the drawing, got back it and my saved set didn't save and it changes back to "reference layer display" This starting happening after I updated last night.
  2. agr361

    floor_reference display

    Do some people not read the release notes when software gets updated?!
  3. agr361

    Ceiling Issues

    Damn, that was it! I spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out. Not sure how that got turned off, but that was it. Thank you.
  4. agr361

    Ceiling Issues

    Not sure why this is happening all of the sudden, but when I create a different ceiling height within a room, like this, or I create a room divider, one room a different ceiling height, Im missing the vertical wall between the two ceiling planes.. I just started noticing this. Attached is the plan file with the screenshots of what Im talking about. Any ideas? test.plan
  5. agr361

    X11 on Mac

    Everything is much faster and smoother, even when scrolling through the library browser...This to me is the best "advancement" from X10.
  6. agr361

    X11 on Mac

    Not sure about the rest of you running CA on Mac, but its much more snappier and responsive, the way its always been when I run it on a PC, over here on my end. Anyone else with the same thoughts?
  7. agr361

    Need some help!

    Thank you sir....I figured after messing with those settings that Id probably have to create two wall types...appreciate it..
  8. agr361

    Need some help!

    Ehh, I guess this works for my purpose... it dimensions to the brick ledge like I want/need and it covered up the void...thanks for your help!!!
  9. agr361

    Need some help!

    Thanks for the quick response, Eric..the problem thought is i'd walk the foundation to build to the brick ledge....Changing those setting worked but now foundation doesn't go to brick ledge....
  10. agr361

    Need some help!

    I'm not sure what's going on; when I started using the CA X10 residential template, my two story plans it creates these voids on the exterior walls....Ive never had this happen before and just started happened to what I think was when I started using that template....I have no clue...any ideas, guys? Ive messed around with this all day and Ive got no understanding why.. Appreciate the time and help..
  11. agr361

    How would you charge for a plan?

    Thanks, David...I'd been trying to figure out an amount trying to make it work, but always keep coming back to your answer.
  12. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but Im meeting with a builder here that builds in several cities around Texas and is wanting me to give them a price to buy outright a plan(s) I would design from them. They would pay me once, and use that plan(s) over and over again; they would want CAD linework and have their in house draftsman update the plan to reflect legal description/site plan. I've never done anything like this as far as someone buying a plan and using it over and over. Normally, smaller local builders would pay me a fee for design of one plan, and any duplicate would of said plan, I would charge half the fee if there were no changes... Would you all even consider something like this?
  13. Makes sense in my case. The particular project I worked on that had this issue, I used manual roofs; things may/may not have joined up property, creating leakage...
  14. I don't have access to the program right now, but if you create a block of that material outdoors and the same one indoors, not connected to each other, what happens? Do you still get that glowing effect on the outdoor one?
  15. This solved my problem that was driving me crazy!...Appreciate the help!!!!