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30 minutes ago, DeveloSpec said:

I am trying to create an elevation view (same as shown in the image attached)  however when I use the elevation view it opens to a vector elevation. Which setting will show the elevation exactly as shown in the image?


thank you




Your picture is most likely a view from a Layout page. When you use the Elevation View camera it won't look like that right away.


The answer to the question you're asking is rather complicated, but if you read the thread Mick linked you to, you'll be on your way.

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older version of Chief Architect used to be normal elevations in layout. When I say "normal" it is the standard of layouts to see elevations as such. Now it seems we have to adjust several settings to achieve this layout elevation view?  it does not make sense. I appreciate the link but i really didn't see an exact answer.


It would be easier to open Chief Architect X3 version ...

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1 hour ago, DeveloSpec said:

@javatom, how do you do that?


@snestor,.. looks great.. but how come my "techinical illustration" view looks different?  not talking about the shadows.


I used the Section/Elevation Cameral to get the front view of the house.  You can then change the "rendering technique".  You can assign a "cool" and "warm" color...I used gray and white.  


This is the front view in "standard" view.  Color is on.  The cad masks change the colors...but the masks don't work too well with this type of view...maybe if I changed the intensity of the fill it would look better. 



This is the front view in "Technical Illustration" view.  (see settings on pic below...). The Cad masks give the elevation some depth.  The trees are just cad polylines with gray fill.



This pic has the settings for the technical illustration view above...


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