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  1. that is a great solution.. however how to resize the actual box and spaces , the same as the real legend.. see screenshot.. i have the two side by side..
  2. sorrry spoke to early.. found it in the other object dbx.. there is 2 separate descriptions that populate into the schedules.. one in the "open symbol' box and one one in the "open object" dbx. I think CA should consolidate those 2 dbx .. it is confusing and both show similar data/options etc.
  3. @alaskan son, yes great idea.. but there are some kinks.. as shown in CJspud's screenshot.. i have same issue with item "www.wayfair........ " i have not found a way to change that name.. it reflects the URL for the wayfair item for some reason... I tried to change the name of the object in the 3d symbol dbx but it does not reflect in the schedule.. where is that information stored at to modify it?
  4. hi, ok i typed in "electrica" in the library browser and I see the generic Electrical Legend. But it does not have all of the symbols I am using (AFCI) and it shows different symbols that I am not using, and not the same symbols such as the chandeliers etc. How to make the true electrical legend that reflects the actual symbols in the plan? I was assuming it would auto populate like the schedules do...
  5. @evolution sorry I am not that advanced to create a signature.. I am using x9.. and when I go to Library tab I do not see 'electrical' option. another way to do this?
  6. Is there an automated method for creating an Electrical Legend (as shown in screenshot) ? or for creating any type of legend for that matter.. any help is appreciated...
  7. no because the sidewalk on the left is different angles.. not straight (can't see in the photo) and as far as I know, a regular sidewalk can not be in different shapes. there has to be some way to cut a curb in CA!
  8. Does anyone know how to cut a curb? I placed a polyline sidewalk and connected it to a road and the the curb apron does not build. (LEFT SIDE OF PHOTO) I placed a regular sidewalk and connected it to a road and the curb apron cuts pefect. (RIGHT SIDE OF PHOTO) any help would be great. Is there a manual way to cut a curb?
  9. how do you set it to grayscale on the layout?
  10. @javatom, how do you do that? @snestor,.. looks great.. but how come my "techinical illustration" view looks different? not talking about the shadows.
  11. how do i achieve this? anyone know? thanks
  12. this is the standard for elevation layouts of architecture... am i wrong?
  13. older version of Chief Architect used to be normal elevations in layout. When I say "normal" it is the standard of layouts to see elevations as such. Now it seems we have to adjust several settings to achieve this layout elevation view? it does not make sense. I appreciate the link but i really didn't see an exact answer. It would be easier to open Chief Architect X3 version ...
  14. ok so what settings do i adjust to get this exact look as in photo?
  15. I am trying to create an elevation view (same as shown in the image attached) however when I use the elevation view it opens to a vector elevation. Which setting will show the elevation exactly as shown in the image? thank you
  16. @Drawzilla, I am not sure what F12 is supposed to do, but it does nothing for me. If I have a plan open AND the material list open in split view...and then I change a wall size, or add a window.. and then I press F12, it does NOT update the open material list. I would have to close the existing material list, and then open a NEW material list. This defeats the purpose of saving an already existing material list because it can not be modified. @ebdesign.. it sounds like the Master List is the solution. thanks.
  17. I have been importing many 3D objects (from 3D warehouse) and once they are imported in my library and I place one in the plan.. they always show up in the 'Fixtures Schedule' no matter what it is.. a couch, a vehicle, an awning, a plant etc... and obviously those things are not fixtures! So does anyone know how to set these objects so that they appear in the correct schedule, or just exclude them from any schedule all togehter?
  18. @Gene, for the legend, i have created one with lines, symbols and text. I guess it sounds like the CAD details for walls and such will need to be done manually also! I figured that the CAD details provided in the library would at least be consistent with the walls already included by default. But instead they have a hundred different CAD details for walls that I have not even heard of before.
  19. what is the easiest way to create CAD details for default walls, such as CBS (concrete block and stucco) or Exterior-6 etc etc. I see in the library there are CAD detail blocks..but I do not see any for default walls. any help would be appreciated on this matter.
  20. @Drawzilla,, did you get this to work without having to create a new material list? I have tried F12 but that does not update it. I have the plan and the material list open in split view. please send details.
  21. @Kilgore. i have checked all videos on "material list" and it does not explain much about using the master list. But as far as I know, it will only save prices, and not 100% of the data that may be entered manually. It is very stupid..because what if I have a saved material list that I have modfied, added fields, text, data, notes.. etc..and then I need to go back to the plan and move a wall..or add a fixture... then we have to start from the beginning and enter 95% of the manual data again..manually!! There should at the very least be a refresh button that will update the existing material list. @David Potter, I believe you are correct, as it may seems.. becuase I have tried everything I can think of to get the material list to update in real time. This is blasphemy!!
  22. you would think that no matter which layer is set to 'main' that it would reports all elements to the material list..
  23. hi Gene! yes that worked.. I just had to make the 8" block & the studs BOTH "main layers". By just making the studs the main layer then it would not dimension the blocks on the exterior.. thanks for the quick answer!