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Frieze boards are merely molding polylines and can be manually edited when they do not work as programmed, which gives you a route to a solution. You will need to inspect where they are not working properly and take indicated action. Like anything "automatic" based upon pre-settings and preprogramming one must always be willing to manually step in to correct shortfalls



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7 minutes ago, ArchitectSteven said:

I am having trouble connecting my frieze board together. My walls and roof appear to be connected. Does anybody have any suggestions...…..



Post the’s the only way to get an accurate answer 

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1 hour ago, ArchitectSteven said:

Thank you gentlemen. Attached is the plan....

McVety DP1 Concepts.plan


Did a quick look...and one thing I noticed was that the roof overhang at the rear/2nd floor is wider than the standard 12" overhang you have everywhere else.  This will have an impact on your frieze boards not aligning properly. 


Couple other questions...see pics below;  


Should 2nd floor wall be covering the brick here? If need to move your 2nd floor wall.  If needs some trim and the roof pulled parallel.



Is the way this gutter board is drawn (square) this correct?  The gutter is just hanging out in mid-air...


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1 minute ago, ArchitectSteven said:

Thank you, let me make some adjustments and see where I land...


One other thing I just noticed.  The wall to the rear of the "bay" window does not align with the wall to the front of the's off about a half inch.  



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6 minutes ago, ArchitectSteven said:

Thanks! This is my first experience with chief. Learning as I go.


Ahh...ok, post any questions you may have.  


Take a look at the screen clip below...ceilings are different.  This appears to be a plan for a, possibly this is correct?  



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You have been playing around with Wall Polylines in 3d haven't you ? ie dragging them up and down etc...........bad boy ..... :):)..... try to avoid it if possible


reset the Default wall Heights (check the box) and it should mend itself...... also might want to make them 1 1/2" thick no 3/4" , 3/4" won't be thick enough for Shakes.




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I use the perspective floor over view a lot to check my work. You can usually see easily where problems may be.

Here is an example where it shows your walls heights not lining up (sometimes that may be intentional) and you can also see where the roof eave cuts into a wall. This is very usefull to me to check my work. You should make sure all the room heights and settings are right before you start to build your room. Same with foundation, check before you build it.


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