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  1. This is just me playing around trying to get organized a little better. It would be nice to be able to save notes somhow and edit them easier. I save them to the libuary but there is not master note list of any kind. Not sure how to better organize them for changing and editing.
  2. Can anyone please tell me how to change the symbol size in the Schedule? You would think they would com out the same size as the plan.
  3. Solver, Would you be willing to give us a quick video demonsttation?
  4. Thank you for doing that. I couldnt have done that good of a video for him and I learned something also.
  5. Depending on your situation, changing the wall thickness can cause other complications like how your tie in will look. I will usually do the wall thickness same as the beam size. For the bigger columns you may need to do a lower slab to build your foundation and an upper 4" slab if you want the 1 1/2" overhang. You have a lot more control this way and its fast and easy.
  6. Bringing this subject back from 2015 for Knee Braces, With all the upgrades to CA since 2015 does anyone have any better ways to do Knee Braces? I’m still using the same method. I just put them in the drawing from my user library and unblock them and resize them as needed, if needed but still a little awkward and time consuming.
  7. I dont have one drawn in cad but you can draw it pretty easy
  8. Thanks for making me aware of the font under the preferences. It doesnt do anything globally but I dont want to leave something out. I want the materials list ot be the same also.
  9. Thank you that was a big help becasue I didnt know you could group select
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the text font globaly throught the program without haveing to go through every annotation set?
  11. According to the ADU laws in California, if you build a new detached ADU, you must have solar. As of January 1st 2023 there is an exemption; If your PV Capacitiy on your title 24 is below 1.8 kwdc then you do not need solar. Here are my questions: Is anyone familiar with this and can help me understand it better? Does ayone else have any questions or input in this matter? Is there a way to lower the kwdc in the title 24 and if so, how? This image is a snipit from a Title 24 report for an ADU that is 787 square feet (two bedroom two bath unit). As you can see the PV Capacitiy is kwdc 1.95 and if it was 1.8 or under then the owner will not be required to do Solar.
  12. Good point! That was another thing that we were able to use pad footings under existing in verious locations becasue the engineered beams could carry a good span so we didnt have to undermine all the existing footing. In your case you have a partial basement so dont know how the would work. I dont do basements.
  13. Assuming the exsiting ceiling joist and roof will need to be torn off: I had a job recently where we just added a 4x12 to the top of the wall around the perimeter and used LPT4's to connect the beam to the top plate. Worked real nice so we didnt have to remove all the stucco and drywall. Just some drywall on the inside for shear wall.
  14. Thank yoyu for sharing I had a 17" laptop before and it was just to big and bulky to use on an air plane or in a car when traveling. I take and extra 24" monitor with me in my suitcase when I travel. These new flat monitors pack easy and take up very little room and I prefer to have at least two monitors to work on anyway. They are also very cheap. I also use my Ipad pro 11 for an addtional monitor sometimes. That has really helped me sevral times when I needed to get someting out quickly. Once you get used to 2 or 3 monitors its hard to work with just one screen. The ipad as a monitor is also nice becasue of the touch screen. I use it to do all my signatures. I use "duet" to connect ipad to laptop
  15. Thank you all for your help in making my decision, This is the laptop that I decided to go with as per my newly revised signature. I don’t do Ray Tracing and the ThinkPad is a very durable Laptop for travel and I do a lot of it. My last laptop computer was an ASUS gaming computer (4 years old) and I had to be very careful with it and it was still slow at times. I know a desktop computer is the way to go for speed and performance, but it doesn’t fit my traveling lifestyle. I now have three LENOVO COMPUTERS: My wife has a three-year-old ThinkPad and we also have a Four-year-old ThinkCenter desk top. In my opinion they are better than anything I have ever purchased for a computer. Very dependable and durable. I will most likely never retire so I decided to start traveling as much as possible a few years ago and enjoy life and family while I still can. I have to stay mobile for now until the Lord changes my direction. Any question or more information anyone is interested in let me know.
  16. I have a second license that I let exspire in 2020. Can I renew that licence and keep it under the Perpetual (lifetime) software licenses? Also, I beleive I was paying 399 per year for the second license. Will it still be at the lower cost for the second licence?
  17. Line sizing is something I have not done well at. I like color but when you print black or grey you really need to have good line sizing. I could you some help with that myself. Some ideas.
  18. I beleive those are called medallions
  19. Is this a good video card? T600 NVIDIA QUADRO 4GG ISV CERTIFIED