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  1. I do most all my electrical in house. I was just trying to make it a little easier. Thank you Joe
  2. I have a spread sheet that I built and use to put in all the necessary information. I think you may be on to something by creating the electrical schedule and then transferring to a spread sheet. I will try that. Most of these detached ADU's are asking for it now so I thought maybe I could come up with something a little easier. Thank You!
  3. Curious, Does anyone know if Chief Architect is equipped to be able to calculate electrical load? Or has someone built something within Chief that can do it? Happy new year by the way! This is the first I have been able to sign on since my surgery!
  4. Looking for an Architect or designer with engineer: I have a good friend that has moved from California to Texas (Near Waco) and she bought 23 acres of land that she would like to build 3 homes on for her family. I would have to get the exact city location but it is in the Waco area. Has cash to build and needs to start ASAP but has no Idea how to get started. If your interested please send me a private message and I will pass your information on to her. Thank You!
  5. Thank you Solver! I was afraid you might give me the answer I didn't want to hear. I'm best off at this point to draw it manually like I usually do.
  6. Been there done that, I should have explained it to you that I broke the wall. Thank You!
  7. The only way I can get the Dutch gable to automatically build is to make the garage ceiling a different height. But then my facia doesn't line up and other things don't work right. Can anyone help me with this or do I have to create a work around? ANY HELP WOULD BE APRECIATED THIS IS WHAT I DONT WANT THIS IS WHAT I WANT
  8. Glen, Thanks for your help. Can you give me a little more guidance and I will give you my first born! lol Gambrel.zip
  9. I'm having trouble learning how to draw a Grambrel roof the way I want it in Chief Architect and so Im looking for someone I can pay to tutor me to get what I want. I would like someone that is familiar with the Gambrel roof's that can also offer framing suggestions. I have never framed one before so a little lost in where to start. Any help would be appreciated. This is the exact look I'm going for: This is the house I want to convert to a second floor (or loft), Gambrel roof
  10. So in other words; If you shape the house so that you can get the main part of the roof the way you want it you can do the automatic roof build and then change your walls around and add the other roofs manually. At least that's the way that works best for me. There are other ways to get auto roofs to work for you but its more work I think unless you do it a lot and you get really efficient at it. Like others on this forum that are way more experienced than I am. Depends on what your needs are
  11. I always start with this on automatic An then put the walls with the lower pitch and add the lower pitch roof manually. File is attached: you should be able to finish up. Untitled 1.zip
  12. Thank you Perry! That's exactly what I did and the pony walls corrected the problem I was having with the two side walls above and below the roof line. Not sure why I'm having a problem with the wall that the entry door is on though?
  13. So I tried the open below and that did not work well, so I made the two side walls "Pony" walls and everything came together except for the wall that the double doors are on along with the window above it. I want about 8" in between the top of the door and the window. Here are some pics with my problem areas and the plan file. House 3.zip
  14. So it helped in some areas but it has cause several other problems on the inside and outside. It seems like it just shouldn't be this complicated.
  15. That didn't work. Not sure what do do next. Just making things worse Here is the plan file if anyone would like to take a crack at it. I don't do two stories to often.House 1.zip
  16. I thought that this should be automatic once above the roof line to be the exterior finish? Should I do this as a pony wall so I can split it or is there another way? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  17. Not sure if your still working on this but they do have a library for what yo are looking for
  18. I used the material region to put it on the wall and tried to rotate it 90d but that didn't work. Not sure if that is what you meant. What do you mean make a copy of the material?
  19. How do I change the direction of plank flooring if I'm putting it on a wall? Right now it is vertical and I want it to be horizontal. Any help would be appreciated
  20. That is actually a good idea for this type application. I never thought of a truss for that. Thank You!
  21. I don't know if this will help you but I have this knee brace in my library that I unblock in the plan and I can move them around and manipulate them for this type thing you are doing I move them around in elevation views and resize them as needed Knee Brace2.calibz
  22. I worked on this for over an hour and can figure out why this is happening. I don't remember ever having this problem before. The garage wall does not sit on the curb the way it is supposed to. Plan is attached but I'm not 100% sure I sent it correctly. Please let me know if it doesn't work. As always I appreciate any help anyone can give me Garage.zip