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How do I manage to get the measurements onto full inches?  My framers want to kill me!!  LOL.


Cheif 9. and I'm trying to do plans up for framers, and I am having a devil of of time not getting into tiny franctions.   Can I adjust settings so this is rectified.  If so what settings.


Also best practices?



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17 hours ago, chiefmodify said:

My framers want to kill me!!  LOL.


I am having a devil of of time not getting into tiny franctions.


I have yet to find a tape measure that was graduated only in 1-inch increments. It's no more difficult to measure to the nearest 1/16" as to the nearest 1" - in the end the margin of error will be fairly consistent (about the width of a pencil lead). I understand that fractions make the math more difficult, but if the plan is adequately dimensioned there shouldn't be much math (and calculators are cheap). My advice: be logical in your layout but design as necessary, and let the fractions fall where they may.

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If you are careful, you can limit dimensions to 1/4" or 1/8".

Framers should be able to hit those pretty closely but it will never be 100%.


Note that Denver is 1 mile above Sea Level but from Denver to New Orleans is well over 1000 miles.  That's only about 1/8" per foot which is the minimum code required slope for a garage floor.  Generally a slab with 1/8" variance in 10' is considered level.;)

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Draw your plans by typing in exact measurements when placing objects.  Like a building's framing should be some feet' - 11" wide (like 31'-11").  Making the framing end at 11 inches allows for the sheathing to take the structure to an even foot measurement.  (like 32'-0").


Also, framers *****, moan, complain.  It's what we/they do.  


Nice that you are willing to placate their concerns. 

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