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  1. Thanks Solver, yours seemed easiest... Then I was stumped at the railing and remembered Kervins advice. Thanks also to Kbird, the link I needed for cutting a terrain hole. (pool) and Glen, didn't use yours but really appreciated the time spent to try to help!!
  2. Can someone either direct me to a tutorial or provide a short "how to" The customer wants stairs down from the ground to the basement door. Not sure the best way to do this. Thanks as always!!!
  3. mmm... Not the actual structure. How do I place that structure into the model built in Chief? I know the house will be built in two, top and bottom. Because the large open to below room in front, it will required a 12" LVL as moving support that must be built into the framing. And then yes proper annotation within the plan, so that the plans actually follow the build so to speak.
  4. I work with a Ready to Move home builder and often have to move the home in 2 or three peices. This also means at times, having a front 2 story gable wall (window raked a frame) that I need to plan support for moves as it will be separated out to two pieces. So in the attached pic, I have to plan to cut the wall horizontally between the windows sets. Meaning I need to frame the lower part of the windows with a 12" LVL ... Has anyone good ways of doing this, or tutorials ect?
  5. You are right, copy and pasting dormers as a whole to the attic worked!! Thanks Perry!
  6. mmm. I never figured out how to do that either tried.
  7. Trying to build out the master with two dormers sitting in it and can't figure out a way to hide the dormer walls (without exploding dormer) Obviously, the walls aren't quite appropriate as you can tell from the inside camera view. Thanks for all the help!!
  8. Sure is... Will give that a shot... Thanks so much Glen!!
  9. Not sure how to ask... Seems the black line extending from the drawing is top of the ground. To me the story pole should mark that as 0, and then minus numbers down, and add from above.... but as you see starts from below... How do I correct? Thanks,
  10. I see where to put insulation values for walls. My question is where do i put it for the roof, and even the belly of the home (I build modular self-contained at times). I see a setting for the ceiling, but that doesn't seem to make sense for a 2 story home. any point in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Is there a way that I am missing to edit the default components. Including the accounting code, and price of items. So all walls come out with price I wish and accounting codes I wish. I can't find a way to edit anything but one single item. Thanks!
  12. I accidentally shoved a ton of framing members into my master list. ( I like how every different length of 2x4/2x6 etc is a different unit... LOL. How do I remove items from master list??
  13. Thanks so much for the help. Can I ask on the auto build, what settings, when I try that, it goofs up everything. Thanks again!!
  14. so many issues... The walls as in the pic, Lots of issues I can't seem to straighten out, There is a small additional wall added to the outside, The siding runs inside instead of drywall, I can't also make it meet in the middle... so I don't have holes. I would also love to maximize the hole size, not sure best way of doing it. Is there a way to do this properly that I am missing. Also, trying to measure from the bottom of the structure of the 1st floor (16" total) to the roof cap, I am having issues doing this for some reason, is there an easy way as I need to keep it all under 19 feet. Oy. Thanks current_test.plan