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57 minutes ago, BuildingDesigner said:

I just went to put some stucco on a new house and see that they have significantly expanded the Stucco portion.  However when I went to adjust the colour (Blend with texture) I couldn't.  The box was greyed out.  Anyone else experience this?


If they have a normal map , you change it on the general panel I believe , not via the Texture check box now , it's not so much a "Blend" though as a change....



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I just tried it again.  I can change the colour but it makes the wall just a solid colour without any texture.  It appears to me that the stucco files are "images" or Jpegs so you can't adjust the colour and maintain the texture.

I guess I'll go back to the way I did it before - use a concrete wall with lots of texture and adjust from there.  Too bad.  I thought we might finally have gotten something for stucco that was useable.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Anyone from Chief Library Department?

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Eric has it right but just to explain a little bit...


In prior versions there was almost always a JPG (or PNG) Texture Source file associated with any given material.   If there is a good Bump Map (or Normal Map) available though, the Texture Source is no longer necessary.  What the Texture Source file does is produce a repeating pattern to simulate a "material's" color(s) and patterns.  What a Bump Map essentially does is it uses a repeating pattern to simulate texture (high spots, low spots, and the resulting "shadows").  Let's take tile vs stucco for example:


With tile, the JPG Texture Source is absolutely necessary as it provides the grout lines' shape and color, the shape and color of the tile, and any patterns in the tile.


With stucco on the other hand, its really all about the actual texture of the material which Bump Maps can do just fine...especially with Chief's improved rendering capabilities.  


Following so far?  Now here's where the current misunderstanding seems to lie...If there is a Texture Source file in use, Chief uses the colors in that JPG instead of the Material color.  This is where you are given the option to "Blend".  If there is no Texture Source file though, there is nothing to blend with and so the Material color is used.  

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On 4/1/2018 at 7:24 PM, BuildingDesigner said:

I just tried it again.  I can change the colour but it makes the wall just a solid colour without any texture. 


How are you changing the color? Material Eyedropper/Painter? That's my assumption since I don't know how else you're changing the color of one of the stuccos and also changing its texture....


Some Stuccos have a Texture Source, and can have colors blended either with the Eyedropper/Painter or through Define Material, "Blend with Texture." Other stuccos do not have a Texture Source and in that case the Material Painter > Toggle Blend/Replace will do nothing, and the Material Painter will apply the source object's color --- and its texture. You must be working with one of these stuccos.


You can, as Eric noted, change the color of any of the stuccos through Material Definitions > General > Colors.


However if you need to match another object's color without changing the stucco's texture, use the eyedropper within the Define Material color selector:






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