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I figured there were free ones. I probably bought it 25 years ago when there were limited options.


Either version is fine. Once you have purchased, you can download either one, and you can change from one to the other.



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1 hour ago, Alaskan_Son said:

I personally use 7-Zip.  Not sure WinRAR is really necessary unless you're needing to create RAR files.

1 hour ago, Larry_Sweeney said:

Michael................I downloaded the trial version of WinRAR. If I lose it after a certain time I'll probably go to something like 7-Zip.



I too use the Free 7-Zip  (64bit since most computers use 64bit these days  Control Panel>System will tell you... or Settings>System>About)


just make sure you get a direct download of either , so you don't get any unnecessary addons... and watch for Checkboxes as you install , you like want to uncheck them so as not to get Add-Ons like the Google Toolbar or something...


WinRar does expire but AFAIR it just nags you everytime you Open a file after the 30 days.... then lets you extract ...




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