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I was really excited to discover that I could break a section camera to create a jogged section cut.

HOWEVER, as soon as I put a line break in the section line, the wall framing (most of it) disappears.

Tried it on a clean floor plan just to be sure it wasn't plan specific.

When I move the break back to the original location, voila! the framing is back.

I know X10 will be out soon, but anyone else have this issue in X9?




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hmmmm I must be special cos it's adding framing in mine :)  or I misunderstand the issue?


the cross boxes are missing on the right , but I don't know why we have plates framing in the middle as that wall is not crossed (drywall should hide them...)


Building the Framing again didn't help


Pics below are taken with Windows Snipping Tool under Accessories, please post pics if yours looks different...






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I get the same result.  I was mostly concerned with the missing wall framing on the right.

If you have the section view and the floor plan windows tiled on your screen (so you can see both views at the same time), the framing disappears as soon as you break the section line, you don't even have to drag it.

Happy Friday.


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