disto lazer


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I bought mine in 2005 $700+


lots of features - I don't use hardly any of them


its accurate to 1/16" at 300'


they have a $99 model that is accurate for 1/4" at 100'


depending on your needs that may be sufficient


they have some models that can import into Chief - check them out


very handy device - I wouldn't think of measuring a house without one

but I also use a tape for small distances



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I always get the one with the built-in camera for those long distance measuring. You just can't see the little red dot in light situations, like daylight. The camera gives you an exact placement of the dot at long distances. I just couldn't be without that option and yes you will pay more but worth it.

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2 hours ago, crosscutter55 said:

How many of you use a lazer measuring tool  ? I see disto has one for $179.00 , just wondering what types any of use . one feature that is important , is for measuring outside the home roof pitches and existing outside walls . do you think the are acurate enough ?




I have a Bosch one , but my Model is not compatible with Chief , there is a limited list of those that are,  so look into it carefully if you want that functionality , as I think bluetooth is a min. requirement for that.





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my Disto was from 2005 - I don't think it had a fractions setting


I wrote all dims in 16ths - that is 3/4 was 12/16 etc


that way I  could do the math much easier than using mix of 1/16 - 1/8 - 1/4 - 1/2


I wish the US would just go Metric :(



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  • 2 years later...

Hi WesternDesign,


I'm struggling to get my s910 dxf point cloud into CA, it only seems to import a flat plan view set of lines between the points (and picture refs), not the actual points themselves and not in 3D.


But I can pull the dxf into Sketchup - and it is in 3D, points and lines (so why can't CA do that?). I don't really want lines between the points, just the points - can that be done?


Anyway, I then try and import that SU file into CA but CA says 'the symbol has no 3D data', so I can't import it.


The only way I could get anything from the Sketchup file to CA was to draw a circle around every point in Sketchup, save and then import in CA. This is a pain!


Also, if I want to tidy up the orientation of the group of points that comes in, I can rotate it in plan view but not on the other (side elevation) axis, e.g. raise the points at the front as compared to those at the back.


Thsi s910 is nearly doing what I bought it for, but it's taking up my time and not really working that great right now. For simple 2D measurements I still have my trusty old Disto D5, I really need the s910 to get me DXFs if it is to pay its way. It's mainly for outdoor use to get rough outlines and relative positions of neighbouring houses where I can't access their land, also for some rough topo data to try and save time/reduce errors.


Any advice on simplifying my terrible workflow above would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.


(BTW, I'm still using X6, if that makes any odds to this kind of thing)


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