Roof problem on addition project

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I am working on a simple room addition project. I am having a problem with adding the new roof planes over the new addition.


I have already input the existing floor plans along with roof framing. The existing roof is framed with roof trusses. The new

additions roof will be conventional framing.


I had a hard time getting the roof planes on the new addition. Half of the roof plane would not join together using the join roof

planes tool. When I pulled the new roof over the existing roof planes the new would not stop when they intersected the existing

roof planes. With a lot of time I was able to get it to look right in perspective view even though I keep getting error messages

when working on the roof planes.


I also have a few line sowing up on the roof plan that I can not identify. Could someone take a look at my plan and let me know

where I am going wrong.





2016-23 Design 1.plan

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This is The Chief telling you that you cannot design a roof this way on a planet where it rains or snows as you will have a major water and ice problem. Several options to fix this. PM me with your phone number or Skype address and we can talk if you like.



They are Ceiling Break Lines.

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Another option, redlines on plane are your ridge cap and can be turned off in layers. Other dashed lines were as Glen pointed out "ceiling break lines", this means this section hangs below default ceiling height.

2016-23 Design 1 mine.plan


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I have that problem all the time and you have to frame that California overbuild manually ,as Chief just won't do it over existing trusses. automatically, been that way for years now. I have also put in requests to T.S. for years.

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