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  1. Thank you for the video. I did not think of the start and end point of the line and how that would effect the arrows merging together into one continues line. Thank you for your help, Mike
  2. Arrows Merging Together.plan Attached is a plan file that shows two different examples of the arrows merging together and converting to a continues line with the arrows removed. I assuming there is a setting that keeps this from happening. Thanks, Mike Arrows Merging Together.plan
  3. When I use 2 arrows pointing at each other they merge into one line and the arrows disappear. Is there a way to stop the 2 arrows from merging together into one line ? Thanks, Mike
  4. I tried what you suggested. I would not work. I tried in plan view, elevation view and perspective view. There was no handles at the break on either side of the door. There is an edit handle that move the entire molding polyline around the building. I gave up and redrew the molding polyline again. That works. Thanks, Mike
  5. I am working on project where we have an exterior molding polyline going around the ADU. There are two exterior doors where the molding is cut (not continuing across the doors). We made one of the door narrower. Originally it was 36" wide now it will be 30" wide. The molding has not adjusted the the smaller door. It is stopping 2" short on either side of the door. There must me a way to adjust the molding polyline so it is cut off at the door and not 2" short. I just know how to do it. Thanks, Mike
  6. Is there a way to resize text in one direction only ? Every once in a while I am working on as project that has a title that is a little longer than my title block. I want to kept the height of the text but reduce the length. In AutoCAD you can reduce or increase an object or text in either the X or Y direction. Is there a way do do this in Chief ? Thanks, Mike
  7. Is there a way to create a line style with arrows along the length of the line? In the line style specifications you can only add a dash, dot or text. No symbols. I am working on a project on a 40 acre lot. The building department wants me to show on the site plans H.C. path of travel and emergency access route. They want me to use lines with arrows to show the direction of travel. Thanks, Mike
  8. I am trying to setup dimension defaults going from a scale of 1"=10" to 1"=150'. I am having a problem setting the line separation and 1st Line Offsets. Chief will not let me increase past 16'-8". At 1"=150' that puts the 1st Line Offset to close to the building. I need the offset to be closer to 55' at this scale. Is there a way to increase the offset ? Thanks, Mike
  9. I just finished creating a number of text style sizes and save it as my default template. Is there a way to import them into an existing plan. I tried using the import default settings, default sets and layer sets. The text style do not show up in the existing plan. Thanks, Mike
  10. I am working a small project where we are replacing a wood H.C. ramp with a concrete H.C. ramp. The bottom of the concrete ramp is not extending down to meet the sloped grade. Is there a way to get the bottom of the concrete ramp to extend down to meet the grade. Thanks, Mike Simi Valley Public Cemetery Design Plan.plan
  11. I am my 3d model stucco on the exterior wall in 2 places are missing. Also a portion of the porch slab continues up to the second floor roof. Does anyone know how to correct this and why is this happening ? Thank You, Mike Bruce Jones-Design
  12. I am working on a covered patio with arched opening. I following ds hall video titled arches and corner windows showing how to build these arches. I am encountering two problems that I do not know how to resolve. I can not get rid of a piece of a wall that shows up at one of the corners of the patio. Does anyone know how to get rid of this wall ? The other problem is the client wants the arch of the patio to end over an existing door leading into the house. With the arch ending over the door the door gets covered up with stucco. Is there a way to prevent the door from being covered up with stucco ? I've included the plan file and a screen shoot of a perspective view of the back of the patio. I marked up the two areas I am having the problems. Thank You, Mike 1846846860_BruceJones-Design1.plan
  13. Thanks Chopsaw. How is the weather in the great northwest ?
  14. Is there a way to reduce the size of the electrical symbols in the electrical legend ? The symbols are at least 5 times larger than the symbols on the plans. Thanks, Mike
  15. I am working on a project where the client wants a guardrail to be placed around the perimeter of their roof. Their roof is a 2:12 pitch. I can not get it to work. Is there a way to place a guardrail over roof surface ? Thanks, Mike
  16. Thanks you for the help. Eric suggestion of changing inside corner wall to no room definition works in elevation and perspective view. Not great looking in foundation plan view, but I can clean that up.
  17. I am working on the plans for a new house with slab foundation. The footings around the garage doors are not generating correctly. They are extending out past the outside edge of the walls by around 6 inches. I want the outside edge of the footing to align with the outside edge of the stud wall. I have marked up problem areas on the plans. Could someone take a look at the attached plan and let me know how get the footings around the garage doors to generate correctly. Thanks, Mike 178 Arcturus Street Design
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try that today.
  19. When drawing a patio/porch with concrete slab, how do you get the conc. slab to extend past the posts by 6" to 12" ? I am working on a patio where I am using 6x6 posts on an 18"x18" stone base. 6" of the stone base is off the slab. Thanks, Mike
  20. Your right. Turning off temporary dimension greatly speeded everything up. I did not know temporary dimensions took so much processing power, Thanks, Mike
  21. I have a Dell XPS. It's around 3 years old.
  22. I was sent a survey plan drawn in AutoCAD. I converted it into a .plan format. The file size is large and hard to work with. Is there a way to reduce the file size ? When I click on a line get a long delay before I can do anything. Thanks, Mike Site Plan.plan
  23. Is there a way to change the spacing of electrical outlet spacing when using the auto place outlet command ? The building departments require the outlets to be placed every 6'-0" in bedrooms, living rooms, etc. and 4'-0" in kitchens. Also an outlet on walls 4'-0" and longer. Thanks, Mike
  24. I'm working on a room addition project with a slab foundation. After inputting the field measurements into Chief for a room addition project, I would like to lock the existing foundation plan so it does not change when I build the foundation for the new room addition. Is there way to do this ? When I use the build foundation plan after inputting the new addition floor plan, the existing footings between the existing exterior wall and the new addition are removed. Thanks, Mike