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  1. Check to see if Object Snaps is on.
  2. Chief Architect as mentioned before so many times (and I'm still practicing with this concept) is a room based program. When you create a room there are so many other options available like floors, moldings, roofs, ceilings, roof returns, etc., etc. When you go outside of this method, and create slabs from P-solids, for example, it creates more work (more manual drafting), not to mention undesirable issues, just to get to the final look/design. So doing as Glenn first wrote, I was able to include some of these features along with what I wrote above to correct the frieze board. Hope its in alignment to your final look/design. BTW, I did not have available the same stone you used...an easy fix.
  3. Bob, the roof over the double windows just needs to be pulled toward the gable wall and your frieze board will show.
  4. Please post the plan... Make sure you close it first.
  5. Toggle this tool Its also in the View drop down menu.
  6. I tried snapping a cad line to the middle of the wall as you are showing, and no luck...went into defaults and just for the heck of it changed the "Resize About" to the center, no luck...the grips are at the center, but you get no indication when trying to snap a cad line....hmmm, not sure.
  7. Welcome and enjoy the ride!
  8. I have installed many bay/bow/garden windows and I am really surprised at the lack of library options...I'm from the northeast. Maybe out west, these kinds of windows aren't so popular! Just to get this straight, these types of windows I am referring to, like most other windows, are constructed by way of a "rough-in". Then depending on the manufacturer, install support brackets under what protrudes or cable to the rafters (or both). Its a whole lot easier and lighter on the wallet to do it this way then what is suggested by default in CA (to extend out the floor and build walls where you rough-in for windows).
  9. Agreed! I think PS's for now Maybe someone else will chime in with a unique work-around aside from P-solids...
  10. The manual roof tool . as Robert had suggested is located within the roof toolbar. A better approach, IMO, is to know how this room fits into the rest of the house...It will, of course, require you to take some additional measurements...take some pictures of the house and then you can better design what you are after.
  11. Do you mean something like this?
  12. can you attach the plan...would save us both a lot of time.
  13. That was my next concern, spend all this time creating these very real looking textures only not to see it reflected in a CA Ray Trace. In my quest, however, I did stumble across a free website "cgtextures.com". There are a lot, probably a thousand plus textures to choose from. I have tinkered with Genetica 4.0, great for taking the above images and making them seamless.
  14. You can draw a cad line (snap to a corner of the terrain perimeter) then use "Transform/Replicate Object" to offset the line. Then use "Break Line" tool at the intersection of the offset line and the terrain perimeter. Modify terrain perimeter as needed.
  15. If you have purchased the SSA from Chief, there are available barn doors in the bonus library.
  16. Did you take a camera view from the basement, the window has to be above the concrete basement wall!
  17. See attached. I like what I see. Neat stuff. I would like some feedback on those that do create stuff like this and bring it into Chief. Whether it is grass, brick, wood siding, tile, etc. etc. I have seen videos from software like "Blender", " CrazyBump", "Genetica" Big learning curves, especially when you don't know the "lingo". I am, however, hearing over and over again the talk of "maps", normal, specular, displacement, (can't think of the rest right now) and I believe these are used in layers to achieve the final product. A lot of adjustments available to the user, but for the beginner, a bit overwhelming! Can someone who uses this stuff put together a simple example of how you create say something like brick or wood siding (or something) and then actually apply it to the coordinating object (wall or floor say) in Chief. OR Can Chief already do this? Thanks in advance
  18. Did you remove the windows you already placed? In Defaults, make your awning windows 15" high, 36" wide.
  19. Stairs can be challenging in CA and the more you know.... Thanks again!
  20. No, I ask you this...why did the chicken cross the road
  21. Yusuf, can you attach an example of this...much appreciated!
  22. 1) Change your window defaults to "Single Awning" 2) In render view, place your window below the casement...at first, it won't place window exactly where you want it. 3) select window, then drag while holding Ctrl key down. 4) check window placement in basement camera view...that should do it. I purposely placed the windows from the exterior, that might have been the trick.
  23. You need to look at where you are placing these windows. Take a camera shot from the basement looking at these windows and you'll see what I mean...their right in the middle of the floor. Take a moment and really look at your plan. If you want these windows in that wall somewhere, you might have to change the window size, or re-think your design...at least in this area.
  24. Post your most current plan. In you last plan, I was able to place windows with no problem. Did you mean "garage" or the actual basement wall?