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  1. Never liked the door labels because so many times client question why a 26" door and I have to explain it's 2'-6". I don't always use a door schedule and It's misleading and maybe an update for X15 is due.
  2. I'm glad not the only one that has this issue, I hope the Big Wigs at Chief are listening... X14? maybe?
  3. Hmmmm I will give it a try Thanks
  4. Is it possible to create the ADA handrail termination on ramp? I don't see anyway in the railing DBX box. Thanks Sal Genovese AIA
  5. Exactly Chris Thanks for clarifying, Maybe I should also post it on suggestions
  6. I posted about this a number of years ago and there is still no way to uncheck "suppress wall widths" in the dimension DBX setup. If I'm using interior dimensions on my construction drawings why would I want the wall widths to be off to begin with. This means I have to click on every interior dimension and uncheck it manually every time I create I set of plan. Something a simple as this should take priority over creating 10 more cabinet libraries, I have enough door styles. I have been a CA user since version 3 (1993) and it has come a long way especially for construction drawings. My 2 cents
  7. Thanks for the help maybe this is wish list item and it seems simple enough for the guru's at CA to put into X12
  8. I'm trying to change the wall hatch default from the angle hatch to a solid transparent and I can not find it anywhere and I'm tired of hatching and picking them to change it to what I want. Any help? Thanks Sal
  9. That’s the other part of the problem I cannot get to create a room in the attic so it doesn’t have a dbx box
  10. I am renovating an attic and making it a loft and how do I get sheetrock to show on the roof rafters? Thanks Sal
  11. I have been trying to use a panel dishwasher and refrigerator and can not seem to accomplish this. The sub zero panel fridge does not let you let you change the door panel to match the cabinet door style and neither does the chief dishwasher. Not sure what I'm missing here and help appreciated.
  12. I'd like to know this also because it's a pain to relink files when you copy a layout Sal
  13. I did not know that trick with the mouse THANKS!!!! Old dog- new trick
  14. I would not give a discount of more than 5%-10%. The contractor is not giving 50% off on the repeat houses he sells so why should you? If he decides not to use you and goes to some one else he/she will pay the full price for plans anyway and you didn't work for minimum wage.. The economy is booming so take advantage now keep your prices intact. My 2 cents
  15. Wow I should have wished for the lotto numbers Thanks!!