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  1. Wondering how to do a raked fascia? Don't see an option in Chief for angled / rake fascia that is square with the slope of roof. Best idea is edit in layout view or otherwise would remove the fascia all together and build a custom polyline solid and insert it into place.
  2. I've added an image showing the gap I'm talking about. On my floor plan it shows that my wall material region extends beyond the edge of the front facing wall to cover the gap. That simply does not occur though in the 3D. I'd imagine that wall material regions stop at the edge of a wall which makes sense but means I still do not have an ideal solution to my problem.
  3. I just did this. It works mostly but as far as I can tell it doesn't allow me to bring it past the wall and even with the side brick. It would just allow me to cover the surface of the front facing wall which would leave a gap where my brick should be joining. I want my brick to wrap around the side of the house. Chief was not allowing me to drag it to where I wanted, the break would simply dissapear. Even if I was able to successfully do this I don't think Chief will allow me to place a 9' garage door into a 9' wall section. It will max out my garage door size somewhere around 7.5' As of now I've done the wall material regions but as I said before there is a "corner" section missing where the two brick pieces (from the side, and from the front facing section) should come together but rather their edge just meet at one point and there is no "overlap."
  4. Thanks for the replies and the help. I'm heading out now but will have an update tomorrow.
  5. I'm trying to wrap brick up to the sides of an overhead garage door. To do this I tried to break the wall that the garage door is on 8.5" from the edges so that there would be 3 sections. 2 8.5" brick sections on each end with a 9' long siding section in the middle where the overhead garage door ends up. Chief seems to not allow you to build a garage door into an area that is identical width to the garage door, it wants extra space on each side, making this impossible. Also I cannot break the wall at 8.5" from the edge even if I wanted to. Because Chief wants extra space on each side and because I can't break the wall as close to the edge as I'd like to anyways I feel like a brick Pony wall that goes up as high as the garage door would be one solution but on the sides I want the brick to go all the way to the top (which they wouldn't). Should I look create a polyline solid that's brick and place it where it needs to go? Or is there a more obvious solution that alludes me? Thanks.
  6. Here is the plan ignore the title. mar 25 need fixed foundation good wip.plan
  7. I have a fairly simplistic house plan with a roof that is 8:12 pitch front to back. 10:12 side to side. To start I auto built the roof with 8:12 and then changed the pitches of the side to side planes to 10:12 and tried to adjust them as necessary to work. This involved a lot of guess and check, and is not an ideal way to go about building a roof in my experience. My first question would be are there any obviously better ways of approaching a roof with different pitches involved? Picture 1 shows one of the simpler intersections that I was able to do successfully. Picture 2 shows the most difficult of areas. You can see that my roof planes by no means come together perfectly. I achieved this result from guess and check and although the issues are unnoticeable when zoomed out I'd like to imagine there is a better process of going about building roofs with custom roof planes than simply guessing and checking and hoping. I believe my errors that result in Picture 2 also have caused my soffits to be screwed up. Picture 3 shows the issue. There is a gap between the bottom of the fascia board and the soffit where you can see through to the siding. Lastly, I am having an issue with my front entry where I cannot bring my gable down as far as I would like to. I have this wall shingled and would like it to align with the soffit but as you can see in Picture 4 Chief will not allow me to drag it down to the desired length. For the most part I appreciate what is possible with the program but I'm having a lot of struggles with roofs and small misc details that end up eating a lot of working time. I would like to learn how to tackle these issues better but have trouble finding solutions addressing specific issues that one might encounter other then turning to the forum here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Premiere X6. I've also uploaded my plan.
  8. VikingFan84

    Vaulted Ceiling Causing Dutch Hip Wall Gable To Not Show.

    If I understand you deleted the wall I had, redrew a knew one and shaped it to fit the hole? And you left "Attic Wall" unchecked? Mind uploading what you did?
  9. VikingFan84

    Vaulted Ceiling Causing Dutch Hip Wall Gable To Not Show.

    plan attatched feb 16 vaulted.plan
  10. I've been having some trouble getting this vaulted ceiling to work right. The ceiling itself I believe is correct but it's inclusion in the plan is causing my dutch hip wall gable to go away. I've attached pictures showing my issue. First picture: you can see the vault from the inside. Second picture: you can see the dutch hip wall gable from the inside when the vault is temporarily deleted. Third picture: shows the outside when the vault is temporarily deleted. This is how the outside should look. Fourth picture: shows what happens when the vault is included. The vault does not come up high enough to intersect the wall so I'm not sure why it's having an affect whatsoever. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. This is what I'm looking for. So I have a terrain perimeter set to an elevation of 81" (which is actually low just below the basement siding). I draw a terrain break vertically (does it need to go through both ends of the perimeter or could I just draw one 10' long for example?). Then I draw two elevation lines (crossing the line, parallel with the line, on top of the line?) and set them to the elevation I want. I haven't worked much with elevations and seemingly missed the tutorial video. Thank you for the responses.
  12. Thanks I think this is the method I'm looking for although I haven't found too much success yet. Attached is how I've layed out my regions. The 2nd picture shows one of my problems. Raising the red section (garage) for some reason affects the complete opposite end of the house (Yellow). I've searched for a fairly simplistic elevation guide but most tutorials and the like deal with seemingly more complex issues than I think I need. As always any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello, I am inexperienced with using the elevation and terrain feature. I want to have a flat elevation about 6" below my baseboard in the lower level and then I want a different leveled elevation a couple inches below the garage door and other front facing walls. The multiple elevations can be separated by a retaining wall. I've tried to draw elevation lines but have found they result in a slope which I don't believe I'm looking for, or if so I'm not sure exactly how to make it. I've attached 3 photos which show that my base terrain is at the level I want for the lower level. I believe it's set to 81" elevation pad. I now want to create different regions with raised elevations and retaining walls between but am not sure how to accomplish this. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. VikingFan84

    Floating Wall Trying To Make Steps Into Garage

    They're supposed to be the same.
  15. VikingFan84

    Floating Wall Trying To Make Steps Into Garage

    Okay I've attached the plan. 444 pm dec 4th.plan