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  1. Rob, as long as you are able to separate each building as its own room (like its shown in the images you posted) , you can control their own heights through the room DBX.
  2. Before I new about CA, I struggled to produce 3D images with ACAD, which were just wire frame models with the "hidden" option applied. It sold jobs, but what a chore! CA is got a great thing going on so many levels...Good Job CA!! Perry, still lifting heavy items, but now that I belong to the half century club, the "sitting on my *ss" thing while earning a living is looking very appealing...looking forward to the transition!
  3. Try a 3D Printer! All kidding aside, I don't think this link exists. I have worked for a cabinet company in the past and all our cut lists were done manually. From time to time conversations did take place about cut list automation and research on this did produce software, but that was one part of it. To complete the loop, of course, you need the machinery that communicates with the software...one of the systems (CNC, Software, Coaching) with setup was estimated at around $200,000! And that was considered mediocre. This was a while ago, don't know how software/machinery/pricing has changed since then. This same company, who I no longer work for but now do business with, still do it the "old fashioned" way. They do have sophisticated machinery to help with speed and accuracy but nothing fully automated.
  4. yeah....not sure. Maybe as CA becomes "smarter" with each new version, this option may sit unused.
  5. Thanks Scott for the video. Now I know a little more. Its comforting to know that there is some sort of regularity to a lot of these issues, rather then some random clicking around in DBX's all the while keeping fingers crossed in the hopes of a solution! As in this case: 1) Adjust roofs to "outside walls" and don't use "roof holes" as I first resort. 2) make sure walls are default top&bottom 3) Check that attic gable walls are drawn on "Attic" level 4) Re-assign ceiling planes as needed. 5) Rejoin roof planes 6) A shot of F12 intermittently.
  6. Very Impressive Jim! I have to admit, I didn't know where to begin (chock that up to my lack of experience), but I too thank you for your knowledge/insight.
  7. Still not able to check out the vid
  8. Something like this? This is a current project of mine and will be used just as is (no annotation as of now), but will be accompanied by 2D details...some of the framers like to see the finished product before they start (The signature value of CA)
  9. What exactly do you want to do/show?
  10. Thanks for that video Larry...always very helpful!
  11. It could most likely be done (considering the detail I'm sure you are looking to preserve) in ACAD, but not sure if the image once created could be brought back into CA like a Sketch up image could.
  12. Not sure Larry. Looks like a job for Sketch-up perhaps.
  13. Try www.hometalk.chiefarchitect.com. The folks on that forum will have the same tools as you to help with your dormer.
  14. Like this? What program (and build) are you using?
  15. Simple?, CA is not quite there yet. As far as the partial height walls, build them as you would, then in a cross section view, click on the wall towards the top and type in the height in the temporary dimension. Before you do this, open preferences, and uncheck "Select Room Before Wall in 3D" in the Architectural tab, or else you will/could be changing the entire level's height. As far as making a wall invisible, select the wall, open for specification (or just double click on it) and choose, well, you guessed it, "Invisible" in the options section. The "Open Below" is a "Room" condition. Can be used in different situations, but is very common for stairs. To use it click in the room of your choice and select from the "Room Type" drop down, "Open Below"
  16. Sometimes the "Floor Camera" can give that kind of result, try the "Full Camera" instead. I am using Chief Premier (X7), and I am not familiar with the Suite, so I am not sure of the tools available to you. Also, there is a forum suited for your product that may be more helpful than this one...
  17. Blizzard, I added an attic wall to close up the gable end as shown...take a look at second image, I think you need to rework how these roofs come together over the door.
  18. Blizzard, don't be "Afraid to Ask", just ask away...there is no shortage of information/knowledge on this forum. And yes, better to post your plan for a quicker response that's hopefully the one you need. Bill Lynch, good question, will have to mess around with that one.
  19. Sure it does. You just have to toggle roof planes.