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  1. JP, select the garage in plan view and in the room specification dbx select "Garage" for your room type...it automatically builds the garage floor and sill...you need to, though, draw in the frost walls...do it manually, though, or you might loose the other foundation work you already did near the split level entry.
  2. Yeah, not much flexibility there. I believe they were originally designed to be used with a vinyl siding. You may have to resort to P-Solids.
  3. This is a long shot, picked this up from "jon"...There may be what's called z-fighting going on between the molding and the siding. It just means that the images are competing to be the top "visual" layer. Try this, it may work...In the "Cad" drop down, select "Edit Active Camera", and then in dbx see attached...
  4. JP, did you purchase the SSA package? If so, there are available some videos on this topic as well as instructions in the knowledge base. I'm not currently up to speed on this design, otherwise, I would jump right in.
  5. I aligned some of the roof planes in plan view. Then, in cross section view, selected the attic wall, cut where needed and shaped it to the roof line, at the same time pushing it up out from the interior ceiling line. There may be a more systematic approach over brut force, but that's my best.
  6. You were not specific on just how you were using these walls, but you could still use half walls and insert a door... Just select the half-wall, check "attic wall" in "General" tab, and in a cross section view click the wall and type in your height in the temporary dimension. I think CA almost had it in this regard, but still a work around. But now there are two choices for the approach...
  7. I feel your pain, I have used autoCAD/MicroStation for about the same amount of time. Anyway, build your half-walls, then click on the section(s) you want changed, and go to the Newels/Balusters tab and change the "railing" height.
  8. That's exactly what I did...post #5
  9. For the service area in a furniture store, I used half walls to place my counters. It worked out better than using cabinets, IMO. The "working" counters are one height the "transaction top" another. The wall behind the counter is a half wall also.
  10. I think the only way is to draw the returns manually...this is one way to put you in control of the roof material.
  11. I used the "Straight half wall" tool for the enclosure. Change the siding to whatever you like, put in a door, and then tuck into the wall 4x4 posts for the effect. Note: when you build it, open the room dialog and remove "roof", "ceiling", "floor", "molding". Then adjust your floor height in the structure tab To "picture frame" it, add corner boards or P solids where needed. Polish it up and your done! Like Curt, was pretty painless/quick.
  12. z-fighting, yes, has been a PIA, not any more, thank you!
  13. I'm sorry jon, what does this do in this case?
  14. First, change your wall type to brick, then in my instance, I simply inserted a picture window, added some divided lights and changed the exterior casing style...that "extrusion" you see away from the brick is just the casing thickness...all out of the box stuff.
  15. I think the better approach is using the "wall types" using the brick option. Then keep going and select plan materials change the color and choose "blend with texture".
  16. There are two ways that I construct fascia...either with pre-primed solid stock (1x8) or wrap with aluminum. Go into the roof options (double click on roof planes in plan view and in the framing tab change the gable fascia dimension to 3/4" x 7 1/4" Maybe some conflict in the dimensions for sub-fascia and fascia.
  17. Here are a few right from the library.... Architectural/Windows/Units/Protruding
  18. do you mean like a garden window? not sure what you are after...can you attach a picture?