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  1. bobditch

    Pony wall veneer not showing in plan view

    Got it... Thanks Perry Although, Not sure what you meant by "reference the foundation plan"?
  2. I can't get the brick veneer of my pony wall to show in plan view. Your help in must appreciated. Bob
  3. I have a dormer in the attic apace above the garage. Why does the dormer show up on the 1st floor plan and not the 2nd?
  4. That's it... Thanks, Drawzilla. Amazing what a little "check" will do.
  5. I think I have the attic area enclosed by walls, but it is not recognized as a room so I can specify it as a room. Spec
  6. In my neck of the woods, Charlotte NC, a typical foundation wall for a crawl space that is use what we call "Pier & Curtain Wall". Can I do this with Chief? See attached Curtain Wall.pdf
  7. bobditch

    "s" In Foundation Plan / Wall

    Thanks, Jon
  8. bobditch

    "s" In Foundation Plan / Wall

    This "S" is showing up in my foundation plan in several locations: what is it? how can I turn it off? Thanks, Bob
  9. bobditch

    Line Weights

    Thanks Nicinus. a big help!
  10. bobditch

    Line Weights

    Nicinus, I like how you use grayscale for clarity... very nice. How do you set the stone siding and roof shingles to grayscale? Thanks, Bob
  11. Hip roof with a 10/12 on the sides and 8/12 on the front and back; this is my process: set my roof specs for 10/12 draw all roof planes select the front plane, open dialogue box, lock frieze height and change the pitch to 8/12 repeat for back plane join roof plane sides join front to back roof plane then finish with the sides I tried setting the pitch in the wall dialogue box under the roof tab, but that did NOT change the pitch from default. I'm unable to join frieze boards. Thanks, Bob roof plan.pdf
  12. bobditch

    Roof Over Front Porch Issues

    Hey Evergreen, you'd you please send me a zip of my plan you edited? I'd like to see EXACTLY what you did. Thanks.
  13. bobditch

    Roof Over Front Porch Issues

    Thanks, Glenn & Evergreen for your help and insight. Understanding the "rooms" approach makes much more sense to me now. Bob
  14. bobditch

    Roof Over Front Porch Issues