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  1. Thanks Mick, I was hoping there was a non professional forum. Sincerely, Rod Haynes
  2. Thanks but apparently I don't have the option in HD Suite
  3. I have a hand drawing depicting existing trees on a building lot. I want to place/replicate those trees within my Terrain Perimeter. How do I locate those trees and shrubs in the drawing as I see no way to place measuring guides that stay in place?
  4. Thanks. Is "Transform/Replicate Object" a pro option as i dont see it in my "designer" program.
  5. I am a new user. Is there a way to access and use guidelines similar to ones in G-Sketchup? For instance I want to “Create Terrain Perimeter “ to reflect a jog in the actual lot line. I want to “breakline” at 280’ on a 325’ line so I can reflect the jog but have no marker or indicator as to where 280’ feet is. I can use “manual dimension” but any mark disappears when I let go of the mouse to go to the “line break” tool. I assume I am missing a very simple tool or process but so far no luck in finding it.