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  1. Thank you for that info Joe, yeah next step is to upgrade the system and of course with that the latest windows.
  2. Is windows 8, 8.? pretty user friendly to upgrade...is there anything I should know of my current system before an upgrade? What are some of the benefits over 7?...just asking because my system is running just fine now (leave well enough alone )
  3. I have Windows 7, not finding it... am I "Snippit" deficient?
  4. Cost! I have, for example, put up many detached garages and slab on grade is all I use. I don't see why someone would gladly pay extra for both the slab AND frost wall in these application's. In the northeast, and it depends on the township of course, but, a slab, for a house, is frowned upon...but yet I have come across several. And yes, they are no picnic to work on as part of a renovation.
  5. EDIT: Ray, my direction below in green, not so good . After taking a second look this morning, the tool to easily solve your problem is the "Edit All Roof Planes"! Open it, go to the Framing tab, check the "Eave Sub Fascia", then check "Build Roof Framing" and that's it! It doesn't "appear" to change anything else in the model but that! (Please disregard below) I got it, but with no magical setting (as far as I can tell). As it turned out, I needed to rebuild "roof planes" and "roof framing" to get the sub fascia to appear, but at the cost of manually re-aligning some (not all) of the roof planes and deleting others that popped up. I kept the sub fascia at the norm (1 1/2" x 5 1/2"), and set the fascia at 1/4" thickness just to get some white on it (I'm assuming you are wrapping it) One thing to note, as it sets now, you CAN go back into the roof dbx and further adjust the sub fascia and fascia by just "rebuilding roof planes" (don't initiate "rebuild roof framing!") (see attached for settings) (Doing this, in your model, you do get two additional roof planes that pop up at the rear of the house, but can be deleted with no harm.) OR You can pick a roof plane and change the fascia spec and you do not need to check "rebuild roof framing" just click "OK" (doing it this way does not introduce undesirable roof planes) You can not, however, change the spec on the "sub fascia" on a roof-plane by roof-plane bases (it can be done, however, in a 3-D view by singling them out) Well, that's what I know at this point...good luck! SZYMASZEK 2.17.15 _Mod.plan
  6. I too never gave it much thought at first. And yes, mine was also set to somewhere unfamiliar.
  7. Here it is... The second image show roof planes off and third back on.
  8. Ray, I just slapped together a simple one story house, built the framing, (walls, roof) and I am seeing the sub fascia... hmmm, I'm wondering if yours just needs another push (F12).
  9. Athenian's direction was correct, (but I misunderstood and checked the wrong place), anyway, I winded up calling tech support a few posts back that pointed at the "forum", so thanks to CA tech support as well!
  10. I was checking the time zone on my computer (instead of the forum), what a knucklehead . Anyway, that was it Athenian_CAD...thank you Thanks everybody for putting up with that!
  11. I checked that, looks right...also the time in system tray is correct.
  12. Haa, well, Scott, its 19 degrees out now, and a lot of white stuff around (and I don't mean sand)
  13. Possibly, its about 5 years old. Any way to check battery level? Also, computer stays on (sleep mode over night) and am hooked up to an APC unit.
  14. ok, but I keep seeing it ahead of ET, not behind (am I missing something?) Opening up your post, Perry, I'm seeing 9:04PM....its 4:04PM by me?
  15. I'm on the east coast but when I start/read posts, the time is off. Why is this?
  16. Hey Bob, don't know if was intended, but we can't do much to help with a .pdf file (I could be mistaken) Also, what CA version?
  17. Yes, deleted what was there, drew new wall and fit it to the roof line. You will also have to pull it up from the bottom to a point above the sloped ceiling as this wall originates from the first floor level. feb 16 vaulted_Mod.plan
  18. I drew a wall on the attic level that seemed to work. I changed it to an "Attic Wall", but with no success so it was shaped to fit. Sometimes forcing a wall is necessary, especially when roofs become "busy".
  19. Glad I could help.... Spec Home03-05.2_Modified.plan
  20. I never have either, just giving back what "MickeyToo" was originally asking... All structures I do are either slab-on grade or a "normal stem wall"
  21. The total thickness is 4". Did not know how else to go about getting what the OP wanted using CA tools OOTB. Its merely a representation, not how I would do this in the field. Maybe a Video Scott on your take.
  22. This is as close as I can get OOTB. The foundation is "Walls with Footings" The "Normal" walls are set to "Foundation Walls" - I put them on a different layer for more control. (make the necessary adjustments for the wall footing to fit on top of stem wall) Level 1, Room Specification, set floor finish to 0" and floor structure to "concrete", 3" thick. Make a few more minor adjustments to Cad detail in Elevation to get to exact look/design. Edit: See Attached