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  1. We have an additional X13 Premier we no longer require. $2000.00 and we will cover transfer fee. Kind regards, Tamela
  2. Hi there, x12Premier I need someone who can screen share and help me create this roof. Single level, mostly 8' ceilings with some vaults to 12' I have the plan built . Need an accurate roof. Not my strength and takes me too much time but want to learn more. Recently received email from a CA member who teaches. Please reach out to me with approximate time and cost to help. Kind regards, Tamela
  3. X12 Premier The molding is wrapping soffits and walls. I didn't use a Molding Polyline. ...back to the drawing board. Thank you, Tamela
  4. Hi there, I created a custom molding using polylines then created "Molding" symbol. It wraps fine on the inside corners but doesn't connect at the outside corner. See attached. And thanks in advance for the help. Kind regards, Tamela
  5. Katy in Tech Support told me to send to layout in Vector or Technical View. This way I can use Plot Lines. Thanks for your help!! Kind regards, Tamela
  6. Thank you for the reply. Within the Send to Layout dialog, Plot Lines within Camera View Options is grayed out.
  7. Hi there! When I sent a wall elevation to a layout sheet the lines become fuzzy and/or weak. Within the Rendering Technique Options dialog I change the Extend, Squiggle amplitude and frequency to zero. Within the Send To Layout dialog I send as Entire Plan/View and Live View/Update on Demand. Scaling, I send Use Layout Line Scaling. I've attached a sample. Any help in getting sharp lines will be appreciated. Kind regards, Tamela
  8. Thanks again for everyones help. I rebuilt the tower from the second floor (too high in my opinion but thats what the architect sent) using an invisible wall. Then I used SOLVER's advice on window moulding for the tower window. Used the wedge shape to fit over door creating top inset/slope in the alcove. Thankfully, this is not a project I need to produce construction plans! Sincere appreciation! Tamela
  9. Bummer, didn't work the way I needed it to. The depth is 36" inches surrounding the door. Reference the pdf, lower right corner, SEC A, shows the cut view. Door on bottom, window above it. Kind regards, Tamela
  10. I can try that! Thank you, Tamela
  11. Hi there, I am struggling with how to build a stacked alcove: one for the entry door and the other for a window. I've tried a slopped soffit to no avail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Tamela ps: soffit not shown slopped in images xxxxx.pdf
  12. I am using x11 and this new file you sent opened. Thank you so very much. I am finishing up another job this evening but this window project is first on the boards in the morning -- then I can dig into what you did exactly. Kind regards, Tamela