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  1. jorgearaya

    2019 CRC

    I keep tabs with the forum on and off, unable to reply on most posts, but this one I just have to steal the time from other tasks!! I will call it a break instead. The code update cycle is still going on and keeping me awake! I get asked this question all the time and my answer is very simple, too much has changed! Take the time to read each book and get your head around the changes sooner than later, yes, each book. CBC, CRC, CEC, CPC, CMC, GBS, BEES or CEC (we have two CEC's now) in addition to learn if there were any changes to each muni code of the jurisdictions you work with... Don't forget the Utility Company books may have also gotten updates. Good luck!! Guess who had the most and worst changes?
  2. jorgearaya

    Plan Options

    No more mangos? this is probably the biggest downside of these “professional” programs, not suited for production builder work. Theres nothing keeping you from having the options on the same drafting area like you do in AutoCAD, the canvas area is large enough to have them there. This has always been an issue with the BIM platforms, even the design options in Revit are not fully developed for this type of work. Theres no way in Chief to have several design options on the same floor plan and turn on/off as needed, even in AutoCAD most people won’t draft them superimposed, but, rather will draw the options on the side and then send to the viewports from there. i would like to hear what happened after this single post.
  3. jorgearaya

    Importing DXF

    The sketch export won’t be of any use in Chief, you’ll have to redraw over the 2d. I wished the Chief mobile app would work like sketch does, Chief’s mobile app is nowhere near the sketch capabilities. Ha!
  4. jorgearaya

    Exterior door swing & landings

    Hello, the answer to the question is no. Whether or not the code official interprets the code that way The code restricts it where it states “provided the door does not swing over the landing or floor” The reasoning behind it is that one should not expect a drop when exiting an out swing door I would also require the outswing door to be protected from the weather when in its open position via an awning. outswing doors also create a flashing issue with weep screeds.
  5. And likely will continue to the next versions!
  6. jorgearaya

    Production practice

    Hello all, I have a general question if you’d be so kind to answer. is anyone using Chief Architect to design and draft for production builders? This is more for those who use Chief in an office environment with multiple seats and drafters. What is your biggest benefit using Chief? What is your biggest setback using Chief? how do you approach and present options? Multiple users per project? How many licenses/seats? Thanks!!
  7. jorgearaya

    ISO Planes

    Is anyone interested in iso planes? I searched the forums for isometric CAD drawings and found several people looking to create gas ISO’s to comply with jurisdictions Chief does not have an isometric plane function in CAD or plan view (unless you move to 3D) I noticed that even simple iso circles are not an easy thing to do. Typically I just turn to AutoCAD and take care of business there, but, not everyone has AutoCAD.
  8. jorgearaya

    Line weights on elevations.

    Have you checked the reference manual? page 1343 perhaps?
  9. jorgearaya

    Structural Plans in chief

    More productive in framing... What exactly do you mean? Are you trying to do foundation plans? lateral plans? Floor framing? Subfloor framing? Roof framing? Are you trying to model these in 3D? If so, what for? CAD work should be done in CAD, not in Chief. Or take the time and learn the cad tools in Chief, add your own shortcuts, set your lines, line types, weights, layers on a layer set, give it a try.
  10. jorgearaya

    Clothes Dryer Vent

    Manufacturer’s specifications trump the code.
  11. jorgearaya

    Clothes Dryer Vent

    Late into this, but for future reference, the code does not limit the length of the vent, it says that one can use the manufacturer specifications. Most dryers have up to 30 feet vent capacities. Read the CRC section again.
  12. I agree, we should have more control over the ellipse so that actual diameter could be entered. I should have said create a cube in ISO and add circles to each face, try different diameters. Standard ISO angles of 30, 90, 150 Notice that there are no trim/extend options available for working with ISO Circles (Ellipse)
  13. Nice "ISO" try making circles in that, have fun! Top, right and left. Good luck.
  14. jorgearaya

    possible to create out of plumb wall?

    Slanted walls have not made it to Chief yet, I hope they show up on future updates. If you are willing to spend the time and model these types of walls, you could: Draw the wall in AutoCAD and import it as a symbol with stretch planes. Create a symbol in Chief for it, using p-line solids, add doors and windows (you'd have to revert to the original plan where the symbol was created to make edits and re save as symbol). Last but, more complex is roof planes, the issue will be that they auto-create other parts when close to a wall or ceiling. As far as the comment about the structure, that is up for debate, slanted walls are nothing new, are used in commercial buildings all the time.
  15. jorgearaya

    Speed of x11 - finished plans

    A good read is the post about stressing Chief, he sheds light on several issues, you’d have to skip a lot of the babble (no disrespect intended) and focus in what the graphics do. And I noted this before in other posts, the differences between gaming (altered cards by laptop makers) and professional grade cards that utilize OEM drivers made to handle larger amounts of polygons. One of the reasons why Macs perform great. The other thing I always fail to mention is that I exclusively do construction documents, I am not reaching out to the library for anything other than basic fixtures and whatever few solids required.