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  1. Hello, long time user of Chief Architect and now I have decided to FINALLY use to create a walk through. It is still choppy and needs some refinement (it would be nice if there was a bullet point of helpful hints for the walk through like speed, angles, etc) so I want to find a video editing software that is compatible with Chief Architect. Does anyone use a software that they like and could recommend? I would great appreciate it. Cheers, Roshele Allison
  2. Tommy Blair - YOU ARE MY HERO! It totally worked. Thank you so much.
  3. When you have a flared bottom tread, how do you make the railing and newel curve with it so that it is circular?
  4. In this day and age of design, we are often backlighting countertops, designing lit wall panels and backlighting bathroom mirrors pulled away from the wall. How does one accomplish this in Chief Architect?
  5. How to create a strip of undercabinet lighting